Zoos get their animals.For example, zoos breed their

Zoos Are Inhumane Some people believe that animals in the zoo are being treated badly and that they shouldn’t be kept captive.I agree with that because no animal should be treated unfairly and dragged around to please others. Statistic shows that 1,920 cases were reported for animal abuse in zoos. People that work in the zoos don’t realise the harm they are causing to the animals they only care for the money they are getting from torturing the animals. Animals in the zoo are being treated badly and kept captive but some people believe that animals should not be treated that way.Zoos first start by getting their animals. They are many ways they get their animals.For example, zoos breed their animals or they get them from other zoos.Little baby animals are the one that cause the main attraction but when the babies grow up they don’t attract the same number of people, so zoos sell them off in order to make more room for younger animals. It states that ” The unwanted adult animals are sometimes sold to “game” farms where hunters pay to kill them; some are killed for their meat and/or hides. Other “surplus” animals may be sold to smaller, more poorly run zoos or, worse,to laboratories for experiments.” That is saying that zoos don’t really care about the way animals are being treated in the zoos are when they give them away like if animals were toys. Zoos cause great suffering and stress to the animals that are kept captive. Animals in zoos are caged for life and deprived of the opportunity to develop and fulfill their interest and needs. The animals lose control of their lives and environment they live in. It states that “Social animals are often forced to live in the misery of solitary confinement.Animal who would prefer to live alone are often forced to into close contact with others. Some animals are confined next to their predators, and some are held in crammed, barren environment where they  are constantly bullied by cagemates.” Animals in the zoos should not be held captive and not be able to live freely. They should be able to move around without having to worry if there is enough space.Zoos are suppose to provide animals with conservation,education, and entertainment. Zoo animals have to spend days after days in the same place where they have to see the same scenery for their rest of their lives. This make their live repetitive. For example elephant in the wild are used to traveling a lot in herds. In zoos, elephants are kept in pairs or even isolated.The place they are caged in is really small to the place they are used to in the wild.Elephant show signs that they are bored or stressed out which is not good.The lifespan of a zoo elephant is about 16-18 years while if they in the wild is 50-70 years.Zoos really claim to care for their animals but in reality they only care for the money they are getting from exploiting these animals. An article states that “In Feb. 9, 2014 at the Copenhagen Zoo in a shocking event, Marius the giraffe was put to sleep in spite of offers from numerous other zoos to take him in, in front of visitors which included young children. They also watched while he was skinned and fed to a pride of lions.” The last time we checked skinning an animal and fed to other animals in front of an audience does not sound like zoos actually caring for their animals. That is the reason why I believe that animals shouldn’t be kept in an environment like zoos.Animals are not happy to be  treated that way but zoos don’t care what animals feel.  They care for their own interest.In conclusion, I believe that animals are treated badly and that they should not be held captive. Animals have the right to live freely and not be isolated. People don’t realise that when an animal is  pacing back and  forth is a sign of stress because they can’t move around freely.


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