you their history. It seems that uncovering of


you have the black history month
what do you people want. I think it’s a notion. I think black history and the
study of black history is sort of a notion. Wouldn’t that be nice? What if we
did have a black history and we studied it? I don’t believe that it’s taken
seriously in term of curricular materials, and in fact I think it’s avoided.
Most places I go they just don’t see the relevance of it. When I visited the
visitors center at the African burial ground I realized that those bones
rewrote history, because they told on us in the sense that you know when we
think of enslavement or slavery. All the 13 colonies had slavery including New
York, so to document that means to change the current textbooks to be
reflective that and uncovering the burial ground as though as it’s a separate
experience for blacks on anomalies that is intentionally overrode. If you look
at that burial ground, you discern how blacks live and how they died which is
not recorded in the educational text books. Infusing that into these books.
Unfortunately, the whole history of enslavement is uncovered; the middle
passage, the walk of sorrow, the numbers that died in route to the slave castles. The system that
refuse to allow such facts to be disclosed arguing that we have to put all this
behind us, because that took place in the past, and things are different now,
even we had an African American president, but we shouldn’t forget that even
with the advent of a black president still the overrepresentation of African
American and Latino in the criminal justice system didn’t go away or even
decreased, and still no change in health disparities or the poverty index. The
system keeps these institutions that have historically been racist, bias, and oppressive
to continue. Why African American alone have to their history behind them while
all other social groups acknowledge theirs. Nobody tells the Jews just to
forget about the holocaust and don’t speak about it anymore, or tells the Asian
to forget about their history. It seems that uncovering of the black history is
at the same time an uncovering of the whites’ history in America, so that is a
process of rewriting of the European history as well. It’s a process of
rewriting the perception of the black people of the founding fathers, and their
perception about their inherent humanity and willingness to embrace in their
inclusivity as it were and it’s a process of throwing a rock into the glass
house, and people will begin to realize that things weren’t as they were
written in the texts about both black and whites.




We notice that Black Lives Matter
presents increasingly in the scene of race politics at the present time getting
everyone’s attention, but it’s appreciation of black history will help the
American to understand its relevance. It’s clear that the word black itself
invoke some type of emotions that very sensitive and deep. Walter Benjamin said
“history is written by the victors” so what that mean to a black boy who is
raised in a culture dominated by the myth of the commonwealth. In our school
today they teach Latin, Greek, ancient history, and the victories of the Empire,
but black history is absent. Schools give a world where the pink bits on the
world map was the context that underpinned our understanding of that world.
Africa was the dark continent where they all lived in mud huts, and they travel
by swinging from a tree to another, and the white Tarzan was the king of the
jungle in black Africa, and Christianity was a step toward the Africans’
salvation. The heroes to be mentioned in history books are individual like Nathaniel
Bacon, Nathan Hale, James Bowie, and Dwight Eisenhower. It is a picture of a
world where those pink bits on the map were ever so important. It was the civil
rights movement of the 60s and the 70s that woke a lot of people from their
slumber when they read literature from Alex Haley, Bobby Seale, Frantz Fanon,
Angela Davis, and Martin Luther king who created the beginning of awareness and
knowledge of black history and what black history means for black people as a way of
black pride after the assertion of their blackness, or who they were was so disturbing
for many. The assertion of that consciousness was certainly a threat, and black
people became more organized partly through the support of wage equality

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