Writing a topic. The you have your

Writing can be as fun as you make it, there are certain things you need to consider and do while writing. These things include who your audience will be and that will help you know how to go about the paper, and then how you are going to organize everything. But that was only a few of the things you need to do and depending on those two things will decide if your paper will be successful. In this paper we will address what a writer needs to know to write a paper and further extend their knowledge of current subjects.  Before you begin to write you need ideas to write about first. You might be stuck on what to write but there are actually plenty of things to write about you just have to find one that interest you. One of the simplest ways to find an idea is to just look around and write down a couple things you see and form that into a topic. The you have your own memory that you can relate to and think of a fun time and write about that. This is also a very reliable source as you know what happened and can recite it clearly. Of course, none of these things will matter if you are not inspired and passionate to write about your topic. If you are inspired to write things will go so much smoother and will just make your paper that much better and special.  Now that you have your topic you need to consider your audience and that also determines how your paper should be written and how you go about your topics within the paper.  If you are going to write a paper to a professor your style should be different from when you were writing to a friend. You want it to sound like you know what you are writing about and provide examples and definitions to make it sound more reliable. The expectations are also different, if you were writing to a professor they are already informed about the topic and expect a lot from you to understand that you fully comprehend what has been taught. Then when you are writing a friend he might know or might not know about the topic and you need lots of details to back it up just in case. You have many skills to help you write this essay such as applying what you know and find, analyzing texts to find more and help you further understand, synthesizing which combines information and evaluating where you go back over things and kind of sum things up. All of these are your analytical skills and literal skills that combine together to create your writing.  Now that you have all the information that you need you are ready to write but there’s a couple more things you need to do before you start. First you need to put together your thoughts and plan what you are going to say in each paragraph. Second you need to put those paragraphs in a sensible order so they make sense and flow. You don’t want to go talking about a chicken’s birth to the death and back and finish the birth story they need to flow be in a sensible order. Then you need to decide how you want to start your essay and as well end it these are usually the two most important paragraphs of a paper. To start you need a good hook sentence that gets the attention of others, also in the introduction you want a thesis that is strong and straight to the point. In your ending paragraph you want to summarize everything you talked about in all the body paragraphs. The last steps to your writing are pretty simple you want to revise, edit and proofread everything. A good writing excerpt usually has plenty of revisions behind it and during that they take things out and add things in and even add things like definitions to help us even more. The things they can take out or add can be a simple word or a whole new section just whatever they see fit. Then the edit part is more of a grammatical thing dealing with correct grammar and sentences punctuations and the format of a paper. The last thing you should do to the paper is proofread for any mistakes you missed before and anything else you wish to change. When proofreading you should look for things like spelling, incorrect words, missing words and more minor details.  All together writing a paper is not just a simple thing that takes five minutes. It is a time-consuming activity that takes planning effort and it can be fun if you are into your topic and passionate to write about it. You start by thinking about a topic and you end up revising and editing the master piece you have written. Considering all the things your audience will be wowed with what you have created. Follow everything that I have stated and not only are you assured to end up with a great paper and a pleased audience but a good grade to go with it!