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World War Two lasted six years, of which key offensives shaped how WW2 played out. These included, The Battle of Britain, allied air attacks on Japan and many more key battles that turned the playing cards in favor of the allied forces.The Battle of Britain started on the 10th of July 1940. The Luftwaffe, the German air force, concentrated bombing runs in the English channel and coastal town and defences. This was preparation for operation Sea Lion, the German plan to invade the United Kingdom. This could not be achieved though until the Germans had the English channel in  its grasp. The battle marked a new age of military combat because it was the first battle to be solely fought in the air . The treaty of Versailles forbid the Germans from having an airforce, but the rulebook said nothing about civilian and sport flying. This loophole was quickly brought to Hitlers attention which led to the creation of the foundation of the Luftwaffe, it took the form of the Lipestk fighter pilot school. In terms of getting the machinery required for these pilots were companies such as the Deutsche Luft Hansa airline. They started creating airliners that could be swiftly converted into bombers when the time came. The battle was initially concentrated in the South of England. The Luftwaffe bombed british ships and the outer edges of the thames estuary. Smaller attacks were also undertaken in the east coast and the North of England. London was unaffected by these attacks and in most cases is was business as usual. Merchant ships were what the Luftwaffe had their eye on though because if Germany deprived England of all resources coming in by boat eg: Coal, machinery and food  they would be laying siege on England. After a month of attacking merchant ships in the English channel, they realised that their attempts to lure out the Raf so they could take out planes in the air were being unsuccessful they changed tack. The luftwaffe moved their focus onto Raf airfields, this would dramatically reduce the size of the air force since they would be grounded. Also as well as taking out the airfields they brought radar stations to ashes. By doing this England would be severely limited in the time it took to scramble squadrons to defend England in the air. German intelligence came to the conclusion that they had nearly won the skies and when they reported their hypothesis to Hitler he activated operation Sea Lion.


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