WordPress Plugins So what’s you want to

WordPress Tutorial Plugins Backup and more


Welcome to
our WordPress lesson. So with this Knowledge bit, we’re going to talk a little
bit about plugins and then we will talk about settings and really how to set up
your website to get going with wordpress.

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So one of
the really cool thing about wordpress is the ability to add in plugins, so by
default wordpress comes with a couple of plugins as you can see here ‘Akismet’ is
a spam bot protection plugin.



Adding New Plugins

So what’s you want to do if you want to add some new plugins
and so when you go to ‘add new’ you have the ability with plugins to actually
download plugins so if I want to go to wordpress.org I can go through the
plugin directory I can search through all the available plugins and as you can
see there is just a tons of plugins some of them are free, some of them they
will charge you, some of you upgrade it to charge you. So all depends on each
plugins is different. But for our general one of the plugin that I have always
liked and I think that one of the best plugins to add is jet pack. So this gives you whole bunch of options
within, this is developed by wordpress.com.


The difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org is
that wordpress.com is actually where you can create a website on wordpress
servers. So you don’t actually have to download and set it up, you can run it
right on wordpress.com and you can create a website. It’s free to create a
website. If you have your own domain you can actually customize it to link out
to that domain so this actually another way to get going with wordpress.


But for me I usually prefer to have wordpress my own install
of wordpress that gives me more flexibility then I do have on wordpress.com.

So again one of the really cool options of wordpress is jetpack,
so I am going to go ahead and install this plugin. And I believe with jetpack
you actually do need to create an account with wordpress.com but again jetpack
is going to give you a whole time of really great options and give you a whole
lot that you can do with jetpack.

So we are going to go back here on my plugins section and
see how the plugin install has gone and from here I can activate plugins and
also I can see the plugins that are available and which ones are active.


So this one now is active and we can see here that I have
got this option to go to jetpack and within jetpack they do have some really
good options here so they have some setting options here and you can customize
your features with jetpack. And this is one of the reasons I really do like
jetpack because it gives you a whole bunch of stuff here right off the back, it
give you sharing and it gives you just some customization, a contact form,
carousel so lot of really built in cool features. It also gives you site stats
as well but I believe with site stats you probably have to create an account
with them



And because of I am on localhost and it’s detected that it’s
put me in this developer mode.

Backing up your WordPress

Another one that I want to install is going to be called
backwpup and this is going to be free backup wordpress plugin.



And again where backing up is important when you want to
backup wordpress everything is actually within the database so other than the
themes and customization but your data, your posts and all of the important
information that you definitely don’t want to lose. I mean like a theme you
could always recreate if worse came to worse but your data is what you want to
focus on backing up. So periodically if your server does not have the ability
to do regular backup it’s always good idea to go to phpMyAdmin and just do as
quick download of your database and save that to your local machine. So if you
just click go, it’s going to create a backup of all of the data as well. This
also give us ability to import it and set that up on another site.




So if I want to do my backwpup
I can search for that and I can see that it show up here.                                


I can do quick install or other option to add in plugins is
to download it as a zip file and then upload the plugin to wordpress.


It’s going
to accomplish the same thing. So probably the best way to go if you are on
local or if you don’t have the ability to upload and the easiest is always to
just do the install this way so this going to install backwpup, once we enable
it, we get this backwpup dashboard here so we have the ability to set up where
you can check the installation, create a job when we create these automatically
download database backup so again the same thing as going into phpMyAdmin and
downloading it but this just gives you an easier way and usually with wordpress
a lot of times you don’t want to be jumping back and forth through different
screens. You probably want to stay within the dashboard and just be able to do
everything there as well as set these jobs because again like doing backup
manually you tend to forget and you tend to not perform them on regular basis
and then if something goes wrong if your site goes down for whatever reason you
might get hacked or something goes wrong with site data gets corrupted you will
have backup, so I always say make sure that you set up these backup jobs and
this why the first things that I am actually going through on this tutorial is
setting up plugins and setting up backup because I do feel that this is an
important first step when you are setting up your wordpress install and even
though it just takes a few minutes, it is important to have the set up and
running so now you can work through this plugin create a brand new job, rub the
created job and you have a log as well. Make sure you downloaded that database
on regular basis as well so this is just one plugin and again with wordpress
these is just so many plugins in the wordpress.org.



In this
Knowledge bit, we have learned that how you can install plugins and create
backup for your site. In the next knowledge bit, we will give overview about
settings. Pinglist and URL’s


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