Women were characterized by wild creatures they

Women were characterized by wild creatures they were sexually insatiable, lecherous, and shrewish, and they go by the rules of church and religous . and in  religion if whats shes doing is right . And for sure with her knowledge of scripture which reveals that she is wayy for not  simply that an empty-minded woman. Where she kinda  confesses, can she find a stricture against more than one marriage, save the rebuke Jesus gave to the woman at the well about her five husbands and i guess its her fault that she got widowed but the women is not trying to present herself as a woman capable of independent thought and action because she is merely using the Bible, which means that shes not doing something wrong .Between theses kind of feminist problems which only confirms negative stereotypes about women, especially since the insights she offers are twisted, misunderstood, or simply wrong.stereotypes of women since she presents herself as little more than what can quite technically be called a whore. Instead of being a revolutionary female figure with feminist intentions . A Feminist Perspective of Wife of Bath where it depends on the  The Wife of Bath’s actions also its stem from her strong way and attitude and with the  need for control which That  is a particular husband, her fifth one, was the only one she could not control.as if they were like in a competition for an argument for who will win which that leads to  The desperate guilt he feels after hitting her, puts her in an excellent bargaining position .the Wife of Bath, though she possess antifeminstic qualities, is protrayed as strong with great courage. She does not mind sharing her story, and is shameless while doing so. Though one of her husbands beat her, she does not have a problem with hitting him as well. Alison’s actions are rebellious against the male-dominated society. She also chooses to interpret the Bible in her own personal way. According to Alcuin Blamires, the Wife of Bath was a “survivor of a lifetime in the sex war.”