. Deep Water Horizon Was a massive oil drilling platform 250 miles south of Houston in the gulf of mexico it was drilling in the oil rich Tiber oil field a newly discovered location for rigs to drill. . This rig was designed to drill wells deeper than any other rig in history it’s deepest well it drilled was 35,000 feet deep down 31,000 feet below the ocean bottom. .This rig had many safety systems but they were never replaced with more modern safety systems because it owners the company bp ratherd to go faster not safer..Deep water horizons bop (blowout prevention systems) didn’t respond to commands during the catastrophic minutes before the explosion. They tried to cut the well but it wouldn’t work the men would not simply go out on deck and cut it with a welder because it would egnite gases and oil nearby it also would take a while to penetrate the thick metal of the pipe and they only had a few minutes to get off the rig before it exploded. The well was building up more and more pressure until…kaboom  It exploded the force sent a massive fireball 700 feet in the air metal and rig pieces rained down from the sky on fire men were thrown off the rig others we’re in lifeboats being lowered some we’re jumping off the rig from 60 feet in the air landing on oil water that was on fire. Everyone was yelling and panicking a tug boat was coming towards the rig to save the men in lifeboats and in the water as it approached men in the water swam to the lifeboats to be rescued once all the men in the water we’re in lifeboats they headed to the tugboat. When they got on the boat they got medical attention. The captain of the tugboat radioed for fire ships 1 got their within a hour 2 came 2 and a half hours later they couldn’t keep the fire under control so they put up a thing that sits on the surface of the water and keeps the fire in just one place but can’t keep the oil in one place.


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