With and Dosage Form Design (if poss, kindly

With the prevailing
innovation and integration of medicine, technology and business, a need for
increased regulatory compliance is obligatory to ensure that reliable and safe
products are available to the public in order to lead a healthy life. My
objective is to serve safe and effective healthcare products and to ensure
regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical companies who adhere to all the
regulations and laws referring to their business. For a successful journey
towards my target, Master’s Degree from an esteemed university like yours shall
provide me the requisite exposure and a platform to widen the scope of my
knowledge and skills. 

While pursuing my Bachelor
degree in Pharmacy, I gained an interesting exposure to the basics of administration
of Pharmaceutical industries which further prompted my interest in learning the
process of Approval from Food and Drug Administration and other laws that
regulate Manufacturing, Marketing and advertising of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and
Health care devices in order to assure their safety and effectiveness for the
masses. This has inspired me to choose for an MS program in this field that would
also provide an intellectual, cultural, ethical understanding and awareness
needed to become leaders and innovators in global society.

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My intact concepts and
firm grasp over biological sciences along with an equal fascination for chemistry
made me pursue B. Pharmacy from L.J. Institute of Pharmacy, an institution
renowned for its top ranking in pharmacy department in Gujarat state of India.
It was a significant decision for me and as a person with a sense of respect
and love for human life I embraced the field of pharmacy. My inclination towards Regulatory affairs started while
studying the basics of Pharmacy Administration, Forensic Pharmacy, Clinical
Pharmacy etc., and also some modulations  included in subjects like Bio pharmaceutics,
Pharmacokinetics, and Dosage Form Design (if poss, kindly re-frame this sentence
since it is getting highlighted under plagiarism checker.) In my
final year I was introduced to the subjects, Dosage Form Design & Drug
Delivery Systems which helped me understand GMP, Quality Assurance and
Evaluation of various types of Drugs and other health care commodities.

As a student of pharmacy I
learnt that practical work & experience is more important than just
theoretical learning, as our profession involves extensive research and
experimentation. I have learnt how simple molecules are synthesized in lab, how
aseptic conditions are met and how the nature of pharmaceutical preparations
affect the manufacturing process and experiments related to pharmacokinetics.
In reference to this subject I had also undertaken a working model named
“Granulation Assembly”. Here the model consists of three different unit
operations in a single unit. This model project provided me the glimpse of the
subject which began my interest in this subject.

With a meritorious academic
performance, I also actively participated in seminars and lab work. I got the
opportunity to perform dissolution testing, TLC, U.V spectroscopic evaluation
of part our course work. Besides this I had attended a seminar on QUALITY BY
DESIGN and participated in event called as INNOVATION VILLAGE where I was
supposed to develop a working model related to pharmaceutics.

To assuage my
inquisitiveness towards the field of science, I often surf through the internet
and articles consisting international publications for updates in various
fields of science and technology which further became my support system during
seminars and project work. These activities helped keeping me well acquainted
with latest trends in pharmaceutical sector.

As a student of Pharmacy
I learnt that practical work is equivalently important to theoretical learning,
as our service involves extensive experimentation & research. I have basic
knowledge regarding departments like Quality control, Quality assurance and Production.
A visit to a pharmaceutical company in my city helped me to better know about
good manufacturing practices (GMPs) along with quality assurance compliance.

Apart from my
concentration in academics, I was also interested in many extracurricular
activities. Right from my schooling I was much interested in art and drawing. I
always used to take part in drawing competitions held in our school. Apart from
school level competition I had won many prizes at national level too. Additionally,
I have also got Elementary and Intermediate degree certificates in this field. School
also played a remarkable role in developing my interest in sports. I used to
enthusiastically participate in all the sports events and similarly while
pursuing my undergraduate study I learned Tennis at beginner level.

Being an under graduate
student, I targeted to widen my knowledge base in a more functional direction
by focusing on the regulatory aspects. Regulatory affairs management has become
crucial in today’s pharmaceutical industry. It includes prevailing science
practices with lawful and business issues. In this generation of adulteration
and substandard, there is a compelling demand to get quality drug products. So
due to this reason  I want to focus on
bettering the safety and efficacy measures as it relates to pharmaceutical
products. By achieving MS degree in regulatory affairs, I will be able to safeguard
the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of pharmaceutical

 ___________ University with its distinguished
facilities, state of the art resources and an esteemed faculty seems to be an excellent
option for me to achieve my goals and ambition. A perusal of your department
website along with detailed discussions of my future plans for higher studies
with a few of my peers who are studying in United States has persuades me for the
Master’s program in__________university. This will provide me abundant amount
of knowledge coupled with practical training in my field of interest. The
graduate program combines high quality course work and research facilities.
Pursuing graduation from ___________University will not only permit me to reach
my goal but also excel in it.

The divergent student
fraternity along with a wide range of student’s organizations from academics to
social awareness will enhance my horizon and increment my knowledge. If I am
accepted to the Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs in your reputed University,
I am confident that with my level of motivation, dedication for drug safety and
contribution to industry regulations I will prove to be an asset to this

I look forward to an
intellectually stimulating experience at your University.



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