Which experiences are important and valuable, God makes

Which do you find the most
convincing? I find the Cosmological the most convincing argument, because no
scientific explanation has been proven.

This is the least
convincing argument would be Miracles, not because I don’t believe in miracles;
it is because it cannot be proven. You have to have some degree of faith to

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Which do you find the
least convincing?

The moral argument to me
is the very least convincing because it is based on how the individual person
views the world. Each person or culture has a different idea of right and

How important do you
think it is to be able to argue for God’s existence? To be a strong Christian it
is very important to argue the existence of God. God tests us daily, he tests
our faith to make it stronger.

Should we be able to
prove it? We should be able to prove that god exist by our faith in him. Our
faith in God should fill our lives with meaning and purpose.

Does it need to be
reasonable? It is perfectly reasonable.

Would you expect it to be
a matter of blind faith? No, blind faith is the idea that faith is not based on
evidence or reasoning.

How important is
religious experience to you? Religious experiences are important and valuable, God
makes his existence known to us than that we find God through the evidence of
the world.  Do you believe that miracles
can take place today? Yes, I believe in miracles. They happen every day. How
would you recognize a miracle; what constitutes a miracle? Recognizing miracles
requires that we open our hearts, to receive miracles requires that we give up
control and feel the presence of God. What do you think of the historical
evidence for Jesus’s resurrection from the dead? Early believers were so
convinced they had seen Jesus after his death that they were willing to die
rather than change their stories.  Accounts like this make it hard not to believe
the God resurrected Jesus.

Why do you think people
believe in God’s existence, or why should they believe in God’s existence? Believing
in God is culturally instilled in them. They are content to live their lives in
faith even though they are not able to prove God’s existence.

What is the best reason? They find that their
faith in God fills their lives with meaning and purpose.


Chapter 6


How would you define
evil? Evil is anything that does not conform to the will of God or glorify God.
Evil is an act of will whose objective is inappropriate given its context.



Would you consider pain
or suffering to be evil or only the will or actions of beings?

Having the free will to
choose between good or evil, some people choose the path of evil, others may
suffer as a result. In eternity, the righteous will be rewarded and the
evildoers will be punished.

What do you think it
means to say that God is love? It means that the nature of God is love,
anything of God is good, and if it is God’s will it is love.

Which solution to the
problem of evil do you find most convincing?  I tend to find the free will theodicies are
most convincing. God allows us to have a life where we make choices and have

Which ones do you find
least convincing? The least convincing is that god is not powerful enough to
stop evil.

How far do you think
God’s directive will extends into the things that happen in the world? Gods’
directive will causes things to happen in the world. He has a path for each of
us to take but it is up to the each of us to choose the life that God has chosen
for us.


Do you think God directly
causes everything that happens in the world?  I think that God has allowed allows us to have
free will that is to make choices we see fit.

Do you think God leaves
some things to chance, to human choice, or to the consequences of natural laws?
He has given us free will to choose but there are times when things are done in
his will.

What do you think about
the idea that pain and suffering in nature have resulted from the sin of Adam? God
knew they would fail, their sins cause God to create humans with a weakened
human nature with the inclination to sin.

Do you have any
suggestions for how theistic evolutionists might account for “natural evil”? Death
entered the world through sin, through the sin of Adam in particular.