whether up we were able to look at

whether we view this colour plainly or in certain situations, our brain immediately
makes the association to the brand Tiffany. As mentioned previously this all occurs in
our subconscious, these associations occur in the memory part of the way our brain
processes information. As well as that when we think of the colour yellow we
immediately link it to McDonald’s. When we think of the colour blue we instantly
associate it with Facebook.
The reason as to why we link these specific colours to certain brands or their logos is
as follows. This all revolves around us growing up, from a young age onwards we
were witnesses of various advertisements and brands evolving, whether through their
advertising directly or through their logo changing. We may have not interpreted it
the way we would nowadays. As in the world today we are more aware of our
surroundings and certain changes.
Growing up we were able to look at the evolution of “advertisements”, as they have
drastically changed in various ways. One thing that should be acknowledged is that
we were passively viewing this. As you can imagine at a young age we were not able
to take in information the way we do now. So, imagine sitting either in front of the
TV, reading magazine or even looking at billboard advertisement. In that moment, we
may think to ourselves “oh look, McDonald’s has a new burger” but subconsciously
our mind more or less saves all these occurrences also know now as “memories” and
when we require this information later on in our life our brain ejects it out of the
memory part of brain and therefore we are able to associate certain colours with
certain brands and their logos. (Cousins, 2014), (Barden, P. (2013), (Lindstrom, M.
7.Emotional Advertising:
Emotions play a huge role when it comes to creating a successful advertising
campaign and that’s no secret in our world today. Emotions can have various effects
on us as consumers. These emotional advertisements evoke certain emotions in us and
therefore create certain memories. These memories therefore can motivate us to take
action, by buying certain products that are being presented in the advertisement.


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