When the crimes to the counter-measures put

When I had started High School, my career paths had
always changed as the years went on because I would be doubting whether the job
I had decided was right for me. It was not until the start of Sixth Year that I
decided to sit down and really think about my future and what I wanted to do.
My past self-thought I would be doing something sport related because I
consider myself an athlete, until I attended a university open day and found
myself spending the majority of my time speaking to the cyber security lecturers
and going to talks because of my sub conscious interest of computers and
cybercrime and for the first time in six years I am confident that this is the
type of industry I would love to do in years to come.

What had drawn me towards Technical Support is my
profound fascination with technology.  The
cyber world was something that I appreciated and I don’t mean the social media
aspect of it, something much more unfathomable than that. It
amazes me how quickly technology has progressed in such a small amount of time.
Computer systems and software are developing and evolving constantly, but the
down side to this is, the more businesses using computer systems has seen a
massive increase in cyber terrorism and computer crime, hacking in particular.
This is one area of computer based courses that I have a particular interest
in, from the methods behind the crimes to the counter-measures put in place to
stop them.

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I like to develop and gain as many skills as I can so my
interests stretch across of the whole computer industry. I would like to gain
knowledge of programming, design and I enjoy playing video games so perhaps the
gaming side of things as well. As I matured throughout my school career I have
gained many time management skills and being able to use my time appropriately,
I especially gained these skills from Administration and IT. Admin and IT
allows me to get use to the system more so then I already am. In previous years
I wasn’t always so organised but from experience from being stressed out and
worried about exams, deadlines I decided to reflect on those mistakes to become
a better and more organised individual which was a good choice because it makes
my life a lot easier.

I am an active sportsperson. I volunteer with my school’s
football team as an assistant coach which has taught me to become a more
effective leader with confidence. I like to conquer any problems and obtain any
opportunities that come my way to help prepare me for life after school.
Currently I have a knee injury which meant I could not play sports for a while
but I still like to engage in any sporting activities that may occur because I
am a very dedicated individual and like to set targets and reach my goals no
matter how long it takes. I am a part of the Mentors in Violence Prevention
programme which means I use my free time to give talks to different classes, I
have further developed my confidence, leadership and consider myself as a very
determined individual. I can definitely see myself working in the cyber
security industry as it is such an exciting, dynamic and diverse branch because
we are going into an age where computers will be used for everything which also
means there are more threats and I would like to be one of many to stop them. After
completing this course, I wish to proceed further into my education and study
at University doing Cyber Security. Finally, in the foreseeable future I wish
to be in a career that I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life.



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