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When we say SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we talk about applying a series of techniques on a website to improve the way search engines index our content and improve our location in the results that these show. Of course, the primary objective is always to reach the first results in internet search engines for keywords related to the site.What are the advantages of doing SEO?How does it benefit us to have a good SEO on our site? A good SEO allows us to increase visits to our website through organic searches and to find a higher number of people interested in your products or services. A good SEO strategy is not only to improve the results for a specific keyword of our site (for example, the phrase “sale of jeans” if our website deals with it) but also to detect other words from where we can obtain a good volume of visits to be able to make conversions of these.ADVANTAGES OF LOCAL SEO FOR MULTI-LOCATION COMPANIESThe importance of giving visibility to your business in search engines over the results of organic searchMore and more people are using their mobile devices to perform their usual searches. Companies are aware of this situation. Therefore, they use their best Mobile Marketing strategies to reach them.What is local SEO and what is it for?Local SEO positioning is essential to attract these customers who are close to your business. How? When these users search for companies related to your activity sector, you will appear among the top positions. In addition to that, your business will look on the map of the search engine.Therefore, this type of SEO positioning is characterized by giving visibility to your business in these search engines, above the results of an organic search.What advantages does local SEO have for my multi-location business?Appear in the first places of search.If the GPS of the users who perform the searches is activated, the search engines use the geolocation to show them the results closest to what they have searched for. Therefore, thanks to this, your page is more likely to receive more visits.Increase in conversionsThose who carry out searches of local web pages, or companies that are close to them, are particular users. This translates into a great interest in acquiring a product or service.Brand visibilityPeople who look for companies related to your sector of activity, close to their area of action, will know your existence, which will make the brand much more visible.Carry out specific campaigns and strategies depending on the area.To position ourselves locally, we can not perform the same strategy that we would put into practice with the general SEO positioning. Our goal is to get to know us in a specific area.Therefore, if we only want one of our offices or stores to get more visibility since this is less known or does not receive as much traffic from people as we would like, we can do it.Do you need help with all this? In Group Agents we can do it! If you have a multi-location company and you need a good SEO strategy to give visibility to your business, we want to help you.About Us:According to the audit objectives and results, we develop the most appropriate SEO strategies.