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When you or a loved one have suffered a stroke, it can be
very frightening to begin the recovery process. Often, many survivors notice an
impairment in their cognitive and/or physical functionality. Their fine motor
skills may decrease, and their ability to problem solve and remain focused may diminish.

While some of this reduced function may be due to damage
caused by the stroke, further problems can be reduced by activating the brain
and exercising your body. Providing stimulus can, in some cases, allow your
brain to begin creating new connections to compensate for damage. This is known
as neuroplasticity. Over time, survivors may be able to regain some of their pre-stroke

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Though stroke rehabilitation treatment is important, there
are other methods that are useful for recuperating. Many fun and enjoyable
activities can be done alone or with friends and family that assist with
wellness and redeveloping lost skills. Pastimes that are amusing allow you to
remain engaged in what you’re doing, and keep you motivated to continue on the
road to recovery.

If you’re unsure of what kind of activities would be suitable,
we’ve compiled a list that spans a variety of types. Whether you prefer to be learning,
creating, doing physical or mental activities, there is something here for


Play a
Game: Whether you’re playing a board game, card game, video game, or
computer game, there is strategy involved. You must anticipate your opponent’s
move while planning your own victory. Any game involving small pieces or
specific clicks increases motor skills as well.

Cook a
New Recipe: Cooking a new recipe requires focus, attention, and accuracy.
It also provides a delicious outcome for your efforts!


Take Up
Photography: Not only will you create lasting memories with your photography,
you also get a chance to express creativity and take in some beautiful

Knit or Cross
Stitch: Both knitting and cross stitching can be quite relaxing. Consider
gifting or donating finished pieces if you don’t need or want them to help your

Write: Letters,
stories, or journals are all useful outlets for survivors, as it lets you have
a creative outlet and a way to document your feelings during recovery.

Paint or
Draw: Another great way to express creativity, painting allows the use of
different colors and textures, and enhances fine motor skills and works on grip

Physical Activities

Gardening gives you an opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sun and
fresh air, while also improving coordination and endurance.

Practice Yoga:
Yoga is great for improving overall health, along with balance and flexibility.

Dance: Not
only is dancing fun, it also is a great workout.

Go for a
Walk: Walking is a simple way to get exercise. Look for an indoor walking track
if the weather is not permitting outdoor activity.

Mental Activities

Books: Crosswords, word search, and sudoku books provide a lot of mental
stimulation, and can be picked up and returned to at any time.

Puzzles: A
jigsaw puzzle is good for motor skills, as well as concentration and logical

Read or
Listen to a Book: Books help to pass time and engage your imagination by
bringing you into the story.

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