When shadow of a Soc appearing by

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. The sunlight slanted in curtains drawn up and down, and between flashes of light I saw glimpses of dark shadow, an old cigarette butt laying on the ground, the grotesque stench of rotten food polluting the air, a mangled gas station about to break down, the screeching echoes coming from the alley way, a strange shadow of a Soc appearing by the grocery store. The street was noisy, Mustangs and Corvairs and Corvettes honked as police cars slowly patroled around. The Socs were a group of violent kids who jumped greasers for fun, drove around in their Mustangs, and wore rings. Parents and the police seemed to never be around when horrible events occurred, like rumbles and greasers who got jumped.Initially, the alley way looked like the perfect escape route, it’s dark walkway with only the light from the sun and the moon, its isolated route where nobody could be found, its narrow path only to be seen up close. When nobody was looking I sprinted down past the grocery store and into the deserted alley way gasping for gross polluted air as I noticed something blocking the way. Okay Ponyboy, stay calm we can figure out what this is and try to go around it. I came to a halt when I saw a large, tall barbed wire fence many feet taller than myself. I had to figure out quickly where to go because at any given moment Socs could approach in their Mustangs, so I decided to run through and hide behind the grocery store and think what to do so I wouldn’t get stuck by the fence once again. Next, the vacant lot looked like a possible option, the lot deserted from any humanity,  it’s easy to hide in places behind the parked cars. Still stuck behind the building I managed to get to the pay phone to call up my buddy, Johnny Cade, and begged for him to help me get out of this tough situation. “Pony you are crazy! what was running through your mind?” Johnny said. “Who decides to go to the movies by themselves?”Johnny look I can explain everything, but we don’t have much time. I need you to help me get out of this mess before it is too late, please come and meet me by the grocery store quick.”  Shortly after the phone call Johnny arrived and we ran past the gas station and into the lot, still being very quiet. We both snapped our heads around to notice a bright blue Mustang beginning to back up as if it noticed us standing there. Without waiting another second we ran down and stopped by the gas station as the Mustang drove away. My last hope was the train tracks, hoping that no Soc will see me here. I had realized that this is where my parents had walked. They had told me, ¨ Pony stay home with Darry we are going out we will be back soon.¨ Soon after they left I was told they were ran over by a train. I heard the sound of the train and it took me out of my trance thinking about my parents. Stumped with any other ideas on how to get there without anyone noticing, Dallas walked out of the deli, eating a dill pickle and ham sandwich, I darted over to him almost tackling him. “Woah, Pony chill what has gotten into you?” Dally asked.” I need your help, help me get past the train tracks quick before we see any Soc.” I stuttered. Without wasting any time we ran to a deserted boat right by the dock and started to push it into the lake. We heard a voice and noticed a group of Socs running to us whispering and staring at us and holding a broken bottle and a switch blade. Knowing there was not much time left, we hopped into the boat and rowed as fast as we could with the broken wooden paddles, but we were too slow. The Socs ran to us and smashed the bottle over Dally’s head, he falls as blood comes rushing out of his head. Six months later, I ran into Cherry by the run down rusty  apartment building, near a group of Socs that were death staring me, sitting on their Mustangs and Corvairs and Corvettes. The Socs realized I was the one who got away from them when I was with Dally. I told Cherry about how Johnny managed to get home safely when Dally came. Cherry told me that the Socs decided to grow up and stop jumping greasers. “Dally passed away,” I said, “he was beaten by the Socs when we tried to run away.  Cherry reminded me, “Things are rough all over.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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