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When I first think of jazz some of the things that comes to mind are men playing trumpets, dancing in the streets of New Orleans, and an upbeat rhythm. I personally don’t listen to jazz music but from what I have seen on television, is that Jazz music is usually played in a bar and people are having a great time. Even though this may be true jazz music is way more than it seems. Jazz can be played with many instruments, heard in many different places around the world, and even have different rhythms and genre’s.  

            One of the things that I really noticed while listening to jazz is the many instrument’s that are being used. The main instrument’s that I usually hear is either the trumpet, saxophone, or even the drums. However, I really didn’t think about the vocals. Most of the jazz music I have listen too don’t really have vocals. But after a few days of listening to popular Jazz music I have noticed that vocals are a very important part of a song. Just the sound of a person singing shows me if this song is really emotional or upbeat. Another thing is the words of the song might tell a story or even teach people a lesson. Which to me is really a type of music I want to listen more of.

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            In addition, jazz to me has always been characterized as New Orleans music. I have always thought jazz music was created or somehow associated with New Orleans. However, I see now that jazz music has been played in other cities and states all around the world. For example, when I went on my cruise during Easter break most of the music being played in the lobby was jazz music. They had different bands every single day and they were all from different countries. They all had different cultural backgrounds. Another example, is in my favorite restaurant Olive Garden, most of the music being played is jazz. So, there are companies, locals, and even people with different cultural backgrounds that are still carrying on the jazz music legacy.

            Lastly, jazz is not always an upbeat type of music that people are able to dance to. Some of them are very slow songs and have little dancing at all. It’s a type of jazz music that you can just listen and relax to. In addition, I always thought there was one type of genre for jazz, but actually there are a variety of genre’s. For example, jazz can be dark, rap, hip hop, or even rock. Which is really amazing how jazz can influence so many genres of music that I am really familiar with. Therefore, jazz uses way more instrument’s like vocals, is heard in many places around the world, and is not always an upbeat music and one type of genre. 


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