What’s bad. In terms of education and

What’s Plato after in this selection? What
does he mean by education? What does education mean to you? Are you an educated
person? How are you an educated person?   

According to the
selection of material written in “on dialectic and “Techne” from the Republic, Plato
explores the concept of education and who an educated person is. According to
the philosophy education is a means to attain justice be it the individual
justice and social justice. Individuals develop and hone their excellence to
achieve individual justice. It is important to note that education is measured
in terms of excellence and knowledge and not the system we follow today. Development
of knowledge has three stages- first is knowing one’s own job, second is
knowing one self, third is knowing what is good and the difference between good
and bad.

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In terms of
education and society Plato believes that all social strata of society should
be given the same education opportunity so that there is a harmonious
existence. That is how social justice can be achieved. With inequal
opportunities an unjust society is created and this results in all the issues
that a society or a country faces. The current system is the kind that creates
a dysfunctional society and the society needs the system and philosophy that Plato
has mentioned in the extract.

Individual is made
up of the mind, heart and desires. The mind is the source of the idea and
concepts, the heart is the executor and the desires should be involved in
social services. The same ideology can be applied to the society as well. Every
member has an important role to play.

There is a
detailed layout of an ideal society and one of the main elements is the
education system and plans for its for its implementation. There are specific
roles identified for various classes of the society. There is a guardian class
and they ensure that the system is followed as per plan and there is no change
in any stage. Other classes are craftsmen, merchants and slaves.

In the system laid
out by Plato it is clear that it was a futuristic plan as we can draw
comparisons to todays education system. In the system educators are given the
responsibility of the maintenance and safeguard the future of the work. He
believed in education being a moral platform and not the business enterprise it
is now. Educators need to strive to find excellence.

It is very
important for the teacher to know his/her subject and know the limits of the
subject. Interaction and exploration of shared concepts allows for development
of the subject and discovery of new limits.

need to update their system based on various life stages. Observing and
overseeing the working of the system they need to make tweaks. The education
system is very interactive and includes enrichment of both body and mind. There
is physical exercise, engagement with not just academic subjects but vocational
subjects as well. Even educators and guardians go through a training and
continue on this path till the age of 50. When they are 18 they go through
military and physical training and by the time they turn 21 they start higher
studies. When they turn 30 they study philosophy and serve in the army or get
into civil service. This lifelong education is named as andragogy.Plato’s
overall view of education is that everything that is in the system should
enhance the virtue and excellence. The laws should not be restricted and should
be universal. The one thing missing in the extract is possibly the application
to the industrial class. The curriculum lays out the plan and it starts with
musical training which takes care of the training of the soul. Then it focusses
of gymnastics and that is training of the body. Mental training takes
precedence over physical education


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