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What if I told you the weather could be controlled? What if i said the government was behind all of this? The government has been controlling our weather since the 1930’s and there are declassified papers to prove it. Climate engineering also known as geoengineering is climate manipulation on a global scale. It is the attempt to manipulate earth’s life support systems and involves a number of various layers. Climate control consists of anything from HAARP, cloud seeding, to aerosol spraying.  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program  (HAARP) which was started as an ionospheric research program is an example of geoengineering.  Dr. Bernard Eastlund is the scientist who is said to have started this program. This program was funded by the US air force, the US navy, The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). HAARP is made up of radio antennas that are high powered and study the ionosphere. They can study of variations of the ozone layer. It is located in Gakona, Alaska.               Chemtrails aka aerosol spraying are the white cloudy trails coming from the wings of an airplane that they spray in the air. This is called Solar Radiation Management. Those trails are made up of chemicals containing sulfate aerosols to stop some rays from warming the earth. SRM is done to lower the planets temperature by decreasing the sunlight that is coming to the planet.  Although some people think these are condensation trails it has been proven that condensation dissipates or disappears after a short while whereas chemtrails tend to stay in the air for a longer period of time This is a topic that is very controversial with many people believing it doesn’t exist at all. That is the argument between chemtrails and contrails.     Another aspect of geoengineering is cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is putting chemicals into the clouds to make it rain. They use chemicals in the atmosphere such as silver iodine or dry ice to form ice crystals which causes cloud condensation. A very well known incident that happened during the Vietnam War is Operation Popeye. This was the first major event to manipulate the weather that worked.  They manipulated the weather causing the monsoons to last longer in certain areas so that it would hamper the vietnamese from getting from point a to point b to carry out there military strikes against the US. It’s said that about 2,000 cloud seeding events were conducted over the 5 years of the program. The government initiated Operation Popeye and they are involved in every aspect.        In conclusion all of the things I have discussed are controversial, real, and ongoing. There are seminars on climate engineering if people want to learn more about it. One way we could help what the government is doing for people partake in awareness such as the seminars I mentioned, do research and learn how it is affecting our health.


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