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What do you think about trendy beauty products? Why do some girls buy these overpriced products from the famous beauty bloggers, but some of us support the old brands, which price is standard and everyone can afford it? Today we will bring up the idea of how famous celebrities decide to start a beauty businesses and get billions of dollars for products which quality is not as high as the price. Not popular anymore brands like Maybelline produce good quality products but for much cheaper price. Are we being ripped off? Are we getting fooled?Famous stars double the price and get queues of thousands of people just because it is trendy and it is designed by them but they do not care about the quality of the product which is really disappointing for us, customers.So… Lets sort out for what reasons we are paying extra:Brand name Nowadays everyone wants to have a Chanel or Dior cosmetic product in their cosmetic bags. That’s why we pay extra money only for the label, as its a status symbol.  2) PackagingEveryone will agree that we love how the designers brand products are packed up. The difference between designer makeup and drugstore cosmetics is obvious!   3) Fragrance  Luxe fragrance added are meant to leave a better opinion about the product and a desire to use it more often. However, some brands like Clinique or Kiehl’s advertising non smell products as we believe its better for the skin and skin respiration 4) Increased pigmentationThe brand designers product better pigmentation, so less product is used when doing your makeup. However, this year there are extensive number of beauty products which are very trendy now and get always reviewed. Such as Lip Kit by Kylie. When she first started selling her own lip kit, it was sold our in 10 seconds and women from all over the world are still scrambling to get their hands on the next batch. Or 3 Minute Tan, can you imagine that? You go to the shower, get wet, turn the shower off, lather yourself up with this product, wait for 3 mins and here you are, tan and clean! In my opinion, its a great solution for the girls who loves to be tan due the whole year. Cloth Face Mask. They are taking the world by storm. They always get reviewed by big name celebrities and high profile bloggers. These masks can look rather freaky when they are on BUT they do leave your skin moisturized, matifying and anti-blemished. They are also perfect when your skin is tired. What also have got people hooked is Fountain Liquid Beauty Supplements. There are three different formulas to take in such as Hyaluronic Molecule, Hair Molecule and Collagen molecule. Older women get so excited and enthusiastic about feeling well-being and healthy. And of course, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, which combines skincare and makeup to perfect skin in 1 simple step! It also refreshes very good and your skin is able to breathe through the whole day.What about asking professional makeup artists? Do they agree? Our magazine has interviewed two very popular beauty bloggers, they are russian, known all over the world, travel every week, get products reviewed every day, get paid every minute and getting in love with their hobby (or a job) every second. Can you guess who they are?? Ok, ill tell you. Kate Clap and Maria Way, here with us.How does it feel to be so well-known and get more and more popularity?Mary: Ohh, okay i’m ready to be honest today. Feeling very famous i started to forget about important things, such as family, friends and my own life. Sometimes i don’t want to post my video blogs but i must do, it became my job, and yes, sometimes i really do get upset when i have time to read the comments and not all of them are positive..Kate: I love it, i love when people know me, and i have no idea who they are (laughing). But i also spend time with myself sometimes, thinking about what’s going on in my life. To be honest i like quietness and loneliness. In a good way, i mean.Lovely. What about the beauty blogs? Do you really enjoy reviewing things?Mary: Yes, i quite enjoy it. It makes me feel special, as people look up to me and to the products i use and recommend them to buy. Kate: Hmm… i did, but my first years. Now i feel it’s more like my job. What do you think about buying expensive makeup? You do use only trendy brands, don’t you?Mary: Emm no, I can’t say i use makeup for its brand name, it’s only a status symbol for me. My skin is very special and firstly i look at the exact product and its ingredients, and then on its brand name. But yes, lets not lie, i do use some very expensive cosmetics, especially for moisturizing. Kate: Its quite an interesting question.. I use luxury and expensive makeup, as im sponsored by them. I advertise their products and get them free. Its convenient to me, so i dot have to go and choose cosmetics by myself, as i did when i started my career. Do they always give you girls the product you reviewed? What if the review is not positive enough?Mary: No, they dont. I enjoy buying stuff and then recommend it to others. But to be sponsored and review products only positively is not what i’m doing.Kate: Yes, i get paid for it. That’s my job and people should understand it why looking up to the beauty bloggers. Do you think the more expensive the product is the better? Mary: Absolutely not. That’s the exact problem nowadays. People just get fooled themselves by buying cosmetics because of its static symbol. Kate: I agree. There are lots of other good brands for sure. I just use the opportunity to get products free and that is it. I know one famous celebrity who just changed the cover of the foundation from Maybelline to her own design and she got millions of people who wanted to be first to buy it. Mary: Yes, but there is no point to waste money on it. The quality might be not as good though. Any suggestions on good and cheap makeup? Mary and Kate:Concealer: LOREALFoundation: MaybellinePowder: MaybellineEyeshadow: NYCEyeliner: Maybelline, CoverGirlMascara: CoverGirlLipstick: Revlon, MaybellineWhat brands do you think are overrated?Mary: I think MAC is very overrated as well as Lancome. Kate: And Make Up Forever makes people want to cry, but the quality is amazing. In my opinion, this is the only brand which products are worth the price.  


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