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are 360 degree videos?

360 degree videos are visual recordings
of a panoramic perspective, where the view in every direction is recorded simultaneously;
shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. The concept of 360 virtual reality is to offer an unprecedented
and unlimited viewing experience to its watchers.

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With technology advancing rapidly it is
important to note that the canvas of video creation has changed. 360 degree videos enable
the viewer to customize their video experience allowing them to change their
view without any limitations. The objective
of 360 virtual reality is to provide complete control to viewers on what they
want to see. It gives an opportunity to tour around the place or an event
without leaving your chair!

Benefits of 360 degree photos & videos 

Today, 360 degree videos are on the verge of mainstream
adoption and is definitely here for the long haul. Creators as well as viewers are eagerly tapping into the novelty of 360
degree media, transforming it into the best medium for storytelling and
promoting experiential products and services.


Here is a snappy list of advantages of using
360 degree photos and videos for your business.


I 360
videos – The ‘in’ thing to market your brand


The general rule of thumb in marketing is to
try new avenues to promote one’s brand. Along with writing blog posts and creating
infographics, creating interactive 360 videos is the new alternative.

By nature, 360 videos are interactive and more importantly immersive. We at Feel Productions
understand this, which is why we create the landscape for our audience, let
them flow with the story, and most importantly trust them to play and explore.

II Unlimited
possibilities for viewers

360 degree videos bring stories to life. The 360 experience
enables the viewer to see ‘everything’ and creates numerous possibilities for


instance, rather than taking ten photos, one could recreate the same
environment with perhaps, more information in just one 360 degree video. This additional
information could lead to increased customer awareness and interaction with the


case of a traditional shoot, the viewer’s perception is limited to the
direction of the camera. This one-dimensional view diminishes the viewer’s understanding.

However, with 360 degree videos, special cameras are set up to capture
everything simultaneously, in a single shot, giving the viewer a feeling of
‘being there’.


Brand Loyalty


Research suggests that investing in 360
degree media will build brand equity and increase sales. It also helps your target
audience see you as an innovative and modern brand.


IV Raising Trend, Not
Fading Fad


Traditional media has been taking the hit
over the decades. We are always on the lookout for the new and edgy. Radios and
TVs are already considered outdated, in the future photos and videos will
follow suit.

360 degree media is already being consumed on
a daily basis. Take for example, the New York Times, which recently launched
the YouTube series, Daily 360. They have become a powerful storytelling
platform in a year, and has garnered a faithful fan base.

V Adept
for Advertising


Advertising is all about grabbing eyeballs and 360 degree
videos are certainly attracting attention, making them perfect for advertising. They are known to
have 3 times higher conversion rates (from views to clicks) when compared to
other media.


Today’s ads are already focusing on how
to tell their story, rather than just make a sale and 360
degree content takes it a step further by letting
viewers walk through and experience the story.

Interested trying out 360 degree content in
your next business video? Get in touch with Feel Productions for further
information and enquiries.

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