What interests me about being a preschool teacher is the fact that, it combines two things that I enjoy doing. I love to spend time with kids, and I am quite good at mathematics. I decided to go into this career because I thought it was the best choice for me, considering I love kids. I have thought about going into other jobs, but have not found one that would fit me better than becoming a teacher. One of the many things preschool teachers teach their students are the basics of what they need to know, such as, reading, math, and writing . They also teach students basic personal skills, and study habits. Preschool teachers must teach children at a very young age so they can develop good skills,and when they get older they can use these habits in Junior High and High school. An online author states, “That common tasks of a preschool teacher involve teaching shapes, colors, early reading skills, numbers, and counting (“Preschool Teacher Career Guideline”). In order to become a preschool teacher it is best to be prepared for anything, if you feel very uncomfortable about surprises you should rethink about becoming a preschool teacher. Teachers should also always remember to not just focus on the class as whole but to focus on each child and to notice there learning speed and growth. There’s no such thing as having to many lesson plans. Making lesson plans as you go may not be the smartest choice. The students need more activities, and lessons to keep the children  occupied.  As a preschool teacher, you must have certain techniques as to how you deal with twenty or so kids tugging at your shirt, calling your name, or crying for help. One example of being a good preschool is to have a lot of patience because it may take longer to teach other kids the lessons rather than others. Teachers may have to go over lessons they already taught just to make sure that every kid is on the same page. Some teachers may spend more time with other students who need more help than others.


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