What boundary, roads, river etc. Contents of

What is base map?

Base map is primary graphical representation of selected fundamental existing map pattern. In planning process, base map provides foundation and initial identification of spatial objects of area for creating analysis and additional data of a proposal can be compiled.

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Example of Base map: a primary map of major natural and man-made features such as bodies of water, Roads, buildings, and municipal, boundaries. Etc.

Base maps can be of various scale for example regional level base map, City level base map, Local area base map, layout base map etc. the data shown in various scale (regional, city etc) base map is also different from another, for example a depth of detailing of data is high in city base map but low in regional base map.

What is a data sources of base map?

The data source for various level of map is different from another, the regional base map will have state roads, districts roads boundary etc, but city level base map will have parks, city roads, plot boundary etc details.

Existing copy of Maps, for example – state boundary, Administrative boundary map, forest department map, public work department map, Cadastral sheet map, etc.

High resolution satellite imagery and aerial images, photogrammetric imagine methods.

Field survey mainly to validate existing landmarks, boundary, roads, river etc.

Contents of Base map

Regional of district level base map:

The regional level base map is prepared for any demarked region or for district at broader scale.

Demarcated Boundary: demarcated boundary refers to the boundary of states, boundary between two districts and regions, sub districts or Taluka boundary small villages’ boundary etc.

Transportation networks: Railway lines passing through region, Regional base map will have National highway road network in base map area, state highways, district roads, other roads. Etc.

Topography and major land use: the topography includes hill area, contours, mines, etc. and major land use includes forest land, water reservoir, river flow, canal etc.

Settlements and landmarks: urban and rural settlement and major district landmarks like district headquarters, major office location, courts, and rural administrative office location.


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