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What are the features you prefer to track your truck? Some of the best fleet tracking are those that increase profit.In addition, as a business owner, you need to have your own preferences when it comes to tracking your truck.Why am I saying this?This is important because every transportation business needs to have its own goals, and more importantly follow them.GSM Jamming DetectionLosing a signal is never good while hitting the highways. Although we live in the digital era, there are still natural reasons for losing a signal while entering tunnels under mountains.When this happens, the GMS jammers are used in order to generate the noise on the GMS frequency bands.With jammed signal driver can take vehicle off route and act on his own purpose without company finding it out. Or even worse – it can be done by criminals who seek to steal cargo or the vehicle.Therefore, all standard GPS trackers must have a feature that informs managers when GSM jamming happens.Eco Driving ParametersThe costs of fuel and your fleet are considered as the biggest ones to face in the transportation industry.Trying to reduce them will eventually result in lower operating costs and more importantly, higher profits.One way to achieve this while you track your track is to find a fleet tracking device which has Eco Driving feature.In order to implement eco driving, as a fleet owner, you need types of advanced GPS tracking systems which exchange and gather massive amounts of data.Even though the standard ones are still able to acquire data but probably not all the data including the features you want.Towing DetectionTo continue with, the most surprising of all features and the one that gets the most popularity, is the towing detection. When a vehicle is towed, a device sends notifications to the driver and the manager as well. In this way, they can take action before the vehicle gets towed away.


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