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What is your gender? Responseso   Male 30o   Female 19O   Other (state it) ………………………… Unknown 1 Mode: 30Median: 19Mean: 16.6Range: 29The responses were inserted in the pie chart in order to see clearly the percentage of males and females that took part in this questionnaire. This pie chart shows that a majority of people that completed the questionnaire are males with 60% which means that my friend would have a clear idea on the people that needs to be targeted at and attract those people more into the stall by advertising things that attract male people.  1)      Do you want your coffee made by a machine or manually? Responseso   Machine 15o   Manually 35 Mode: 35Median: 25Mean: 25Range: 20            In this part of the questionnaire the responses that I got are meant to give the business a general idea of best way of making a coffee. This pie chart shows us that a lot more people like their coffee made manually rather than machines doing it. This means that the business could save up money by not buying expensive coffee machines and just hire people to make coffee and that people could enjoy more which will then bring up more people in the business.            2)      At what price would you want to pay for a cup of coffee (medium size) Responseso   80p-1.20 15o   1.21-2 30o   2-4 5 Mode: 30 Median: 15Mean: 16.6  Range: 25The responses that I got from this questionnaire is that there is a variety of different views on how much should a customer pay for a medium size cup and this pie chart decently solves it by showing what majority of people want to pay for exchange a cup of coffee which is around 2 pounds. The other half of the people want to pay much less for the same size however, that is a business which means that it needs to make a profit and they could decide to closer to the cheap but closer to the highest one. 3)      Would you like a cup that has some designs on or a cup that is just a plain colour without anything? Responseso   Designs 40o   Plain 8o   Other (state it) …………………………. 2 Mode: 40Median: 8Mean: 16.6Range: 38The responses that I got from the questionnaire were inserted in this pie chart which shows a visual representation of what I got from the questionnaire. This pie chart shows that 80% of the people like cups that have designs on them, this gives an idea that would help my friend with to differentiate his coffee stall compared to other coffee stalls. The other 16% of the people can also be dealt with by having plain cups aside to satisfy them. 4)      Do you want your materials of the cups to be smooth and strong or grippy and soft? Responseso   smooth and strong 10o   grip and soft 40 Mode: 40Median: 25Mean: 25Range: 30The responses that I got from the questionnaire are put into this pie chart which gives us a visual representation. This pie chart shows really well that the majority of people like to have cups that are strong to hold but still soft enough to be comfortable. This will help my friend with choosing what kind of material he wants use to make his cups. Knowing exactly what the public wants can be very useful to a business and such as this information would help him with deciding what’s good for the business. As for the other 20% he can have some cups that are smooth and strong and ask people what kind of cups they want so that it’s easier for him to save time. 5)      What flavor would you like to order if there were choices of chocolate, caramel, honey, cocoa and vanilla? Responseso   chocolate 5o   caramel 10o   honey 15o   cocoa 5o   vanilla 8 Mode: 5Median: 8Mean: 10Range: 10The responses I got from the questionnaire were put into a pie chart so that we can get a visual representation of the data. This pie chart shows a variety of different responses in big percentages however, the mode shows us that the flavour cocoa and chocolate were the most common with each of them having 5 votes. The two most popular flavours in this pie chart according to the questionnaire were honey and caramel which is a very useful information for my friend. He can use this information to order things more efficiently and save a lot of money by not buying flavours that aren’t that popular and instead buy more of the popular flavours that most people buy.  6)      Would you like to buy extra things like snacks and drinks when ordering a cup of coffee? Responseso   Yes 26o   No 24 Mode: 26Median: 25Mean: 25 Range: 27)      When normally buying a cup of coffee would you sit and drink the coffee or drinking it at the move? Responseso   Sit 15o   Takeaway 35 Mode: 35Median: 25Mean: 25Range: 208)      Is it going to make you happier if they give you 2 pieces of biscuits for free with the coffee? Responseso   Yes 40o   No 10 Mode: 40Median: 25Mean: 25Range: 309)      Do you think that you should pay more for extra sugar in your coffee? Responseso   Yes 30o   No 12o   Other (state it) …………………………. It depends if the person is asking too much 8 Mode: 30Median: 12Mean: 25Range: 2210)   At what time of the day would you consider going to buy a cup of coffee? Responseso   6 am – 9 pm 30o   10 am – 2 pm 5o   3 pm – 6 pm 10o   7 pm – 10 pm 5o   Other (state it) …………………………. 6 Mode: 5 Median: 5Mean: 25Range: 2511)   Do you drink coffee? Responseso   Yes 15o   No 15o   Sometimes 20o   Other (state it) …………………………. 0 Mode: 20Median: 15Mean: 25Range: 512)   When you want to drink coffee, do you normally go to shops, stalls or make your own at home? Responseso   Shops 15o   Stalls 20o   Home 9o   Other (state it) …………………………. Vending machine 6 Mode: 20Median: 5Mean: 12.5Range: 1413)   How many times a month do you buy a cup of coffee? Responseso   1 – 5 4o   6 – 10 24o   11 – 20 12o   21 – 30 10 Mode: 24Median: 11Mean: 12.5Range: 20Confidence levelThe confidence level of my questionnaire is around 80% to 85% accurate. The population size of the area is around 2000 people with the demographic being between the ages of 15-60. The confidence interval is 15.1. Secondary ResearchOne of the secondary research that I used in this task is the internet. This method of research helped me to get some questions that I did not think of and using those questions helped me to get the best possible helpful responses that would guarantee to help the business out.  The internet can give a variety of information that would contribute to the questionnaire for example the internet can give information on the number of people living in that certain area and it can also give information on what religion is the most populated in that area, by knowing some information such as that would help out to create the questions for the questionnaire. 


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