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What makes a city surpass the rest in the hearts of globetrotter? It is the distinctive culture, dizzying array of food options or the iconic landmarks? West Africa is vast and has been defined as including 18 beautiful westernmost region countries; Burkina Faso, Benin, Cape Verde, Ghana, Gambia,  Guinea-Bissau , Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, the island of Saint Helena, Sierra Leone, São Tomé, Senegal  and Príncipe and Togo. Despite many similarities in West Africa region, it is also comprised of numerous cultures from differences countries. Furthermore, the region constitute people speaking a range of languages, most spoken language is the Niger-Congo languages. These countries also have beautiful scenery with about 367million inhabitants who boast a rich history with an inimitable place to explore endless adventure. The region is known for its natural landmarks and a rich trading empire with beautiful designer cloth and jewelry. Furthermore, the arrangement of these countries makes the region very admirable in the map of Africa. For many people who have been here before, visiting West Africa is once in a lifetime experience.

Interesting facts about West Africa

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If you are looking for the best experience on West Africa in its natural state, then Accra Ghana is an ideal destination. It is a classic city with contemporary shopping malls, night clubs, restaurants, and bars which makes it a desired vocational destination for tourist and upper class Africans who are looking for a place to relax and learn more about the African culture. In addition, the Ghanaian people are friendly with English being the most spoken language.



However, the tropical climate in the region and beautiful beaches particularly the Labadie beach and fascinating museums makes it more appealing. There are many cultured area with affluent places like the East Legon where the Accra mall the only traditional shopping complex and the biggest in Western Africa according to the Algerian report. 

Cape Verde is another beautiful tourist destination in West coast of Africa with more than 644,000 tourist arrivals every year according to the Cape Verdean. With a rich culture and a spectacular view, Cape Verde consist of ten islands and several islets, divided into two groups including Sotavento (Leeward) island and the Barlavento (Windward) island. Not only does this country offer beautiful beaches but also has exotic cuisines and luxury hotels. If you have never tried jet-skiing and other water activities this might be the perfect time to learn the wave like a daredevil. The language spoken in this country is mainly Portuguese. Cape Verde is all year round destination.  Another amazing destination would be Burkina Faso. It is a landlocked country in the Western Africa surrounded by six countries with French being their official language. According to the Statesman’s yearbook 2016 the country boost of a wealth of fauna and flora with a range of wildlife including monkeys, warthogs, buffalos and elephants that attracts a total population of 269,000 foreign tourists.

Another place to visit in West Africa is the slave catles at Elmina in Ghanaian coast. This massive structure is of great importance to the African people as it resembles freedom from slave trade. Its location along the seaside makes it also a very beautiful scenery, a must see while in this part of the world.


In addition, the region due to its resolved religious culture, it prouds itself with religious structures such as mosques, for example, Larabanga Mosque in Ghana, Grand mosque of Bobodialassou and Ouagadougou in Lagos Nigeria. There are also some prominent Christian architecture, the most obvious, the Basilica of our lady of peace in Yamoussoukru.

West Africa also as the hub of tourist attractions, has a range of attractive places to visit. This ranges from parks, great lakes, beaches, wildlife, beautiful cities and wide variety of marvelous sceneries. Examples include, the beautiful city of Accra Ghana, Bijagos islands in Guinea Bissau, Freetown Peninsulas Beaches, Yankari National Park in Nigeria among other attractions. These make these places the most attractive and visited places in the region of West Africa.

Best time to visit West Africa

The most advisable time to visit West Africa is during late July. For instance, in this time of the year a city like Accra Ghana has the most attractive weather for tourist. This period has the most conducive temperatures, humidity and even wind patterns making it very interesting time to visit West Africa. This weather condition is very suitable for tourists from western part of the world who are the most visitors in the region. Another best time to visit this part of the planet should be between October and December especially Burkina Faso.


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