Web is similar to a web site


Web Services are a new technology that
enables remote access to Internet functions. Web services are key applications
in business communication with business (B2B) and consumer business (B2C). Web
services are based on a set of XML standards, which are:


?        WSDL
(Web Services
Description Language),

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?         SOAP
(Simple Object Access Protocol)


?         UDDI
(Universal Description, Discovery and Integration)


Through these standards, web services
enable a Windows client to access a remote function, which is provided by a
Linux system and vice versa. The communication between the user of the web
service (client) and the web service provider is done through HTTP (Hyper Text
Transfer Protocol). Communication via the HTTP protocol (port 80) does not
imply switching network configuration, since port 80 is typically open to any
open organization, which has increased the degree of acceptance of this
technology to the customer.


Web service technology presents an
important and convenient way for businesses that communicate between themselves
and with customers. This communication is enabled via the HTTP protocol. The
Web service is identified by a URL, similar to any web site on the Internet.
What makes web services special or we can say differently from web sites is
that web services have the type of reciprocal interaction they provide, which
means that for example a customer does an HTTP request, while the response is
returned as either XML or JSON.

Most web sites are designed in a way that
the customer who makes a request on that web site provides answers or
satisfactory information about the application. This request is made by the
client either by writing a URL in the browser or by clicking on any link to any
relevant web site. Figure 5 shows client communication with the server.



5: Server communication with client


A web service is similar to a web site
from accessing them, which means that we access web service and web site
through a URL. But the difference lies in the content of the document that we
send to a client’s request on a web server through a web service or web site.
The web service client sends specially formatted XML documents conforming to
the rules and protocol specifications of the SOAP. For SOAP i will talk more
extensively below.

The advantage of SOAP is that it is sent
through the HTTP protocol. Web services operate on port 80 that is dedicated to
the HTTP protocol, and port 443 that is dedicated to the HTTPS protocol that
makes web services safe when using the web.

Client communicating with web service Figure




Figure 6: Client communication
with web service through a Web Server.


Web services are a new technology based on
the XML standard. Their technology is based on many software applications
running remotely and on various web-based operating systems 20.

Web services have not exposed randomly,
but they are the result developing three tier architecture and the integration
of enterprise application platforms 21.

To understand web services, it is
important to understand the architecture of web services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and
XML), and the development of web services to date. Importantly, there are
reports of web services with other existing technologies. This report is
inevitable from this aspect that it is possible to understand what is happening
in the world of web services 21.

Web services are one of the technologies
that have attracted the attention of many companies and retailers. Web services
play an important role in this regard because they are key applications in
business communication with B2B (B2B) and consumer business (B2C).

It is significance, to mention that web
services do not need to be reconfigure, and web services are also independent
platforms and do not depend on which operating system and what programming
language are executed or built they have, for this reason, found great
application in the most prestigious companies and companies in the world.
makes even the most powerful web service is that they are executed through the
HTTP protocol on port 80 and the HTTPS protocol at port 443. Their use is
increasing nowadays.


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