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We consume a
huge amount of sugar through the different types of food that we eat daily.
Unfortunately, most of this sugar is actually refined sugar which has been
through a process that removes all the beneficial nutrients. Moreover, Refined
sugar is found anywhere from bread, ketchup and especially sugary drinks. The
huge amount of refined sugar found in sugary drinks makes them very
harmful for our health, especially for children who are developing and growing.
In addition, buying sugary drinks is a very easy method since they
are cheap and sold everywhere, making it easy for children
to purchase them and drink them on a daily basis. Therefore, Sugary
drinks should not be sold for children because it has a negative
effect on the children’s health and can cause addiction.

consumption of sugary drinks is dangerous for the children’s health and causes
many serious diseases. Some of the most common diseases are obesity and
diabetes. As a matter of fact, drinking sugary drinks regularly increases the
risk of obesity and developing diabetes. Research  by  Malik
et al. (2010) have found “People who consume sugary drinks regularly—1 to 2
cans a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than
people who rarely have such drinks”. Moreover, dental caries in children are
mainly developed by the sugar found in food and sugary drinks. According to Tahmassebi
et al. (2006), “With the frequent consumption of acidic, sugar-rich soft
drinks, children are at a higher risk of acid demineralization and ultimately
leading to erosion and caries development”.  Furthermore, sugary drinks are also quite
harmful to the children’s joints and bones due to the huge amount of phosphate
found in the drinks.

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Addiction is one of the most serious
effects of frequently drinking sugary drinks because it has high levels of
caffeine and sugar. When children consume sugary drinks daily, they start
developing an addiction that would lead them to having a headache and nausea if
they didn’t drink a certain amount a day. In addition, high intake of sugary
drinks on a daily basis could lead to developing a sugar addiction, which suppresses
the children’s appetite and provokes bad behavior. According to Dr.DesMaisons (2004),
“Children with a sugar addiction may exhibit problem behaviors such as
irritability, mood swings, low self-esteem, tantrums and excessive talking”.
Moreover, when a child becomes addicted to sugary drinks, it means that he has
a weak personality and could easily develop more serious addictions towards
drugs and other harmful substances. Therefore, it is important to control the
children’s intake of these beverages to prevent addiction.

On the other hand, people say that
sugar is actually beneficial and that it is a source of energy and a mood
booster. This point of view makes sense because sugar does provide us with immediate
energy that could be somewhat beneficial. However, the type of sugar that is
beneficial is the natural sugar found in organic food not the processed one that
is found in sugary drinks. In addition, the energy obtained from processed
sugar is temporary and doesn’t last for long. In fact, after this temporary
energy fades the body becomes more tired than before because of the unexpected
energy boost. Moreover, the happiness and joy obtained from sugar are also
limited and fade quickly. Therefore, most of the benefits of sugar are actually
harmful, especially for children since their bodies are more sensitive than





In conclusion, selling sugary drinks
to children can lead them into developing some serious diseases and an
obsession. Children who consume sugary drinks regularly are more likely to
suffer from serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes as well as dental
caries and weak joints. Addiction is also one of the negative effects of sugar
that causes children to behave badly and to stop eating healthy food.
Additionally, some people argue that sugar is beneficial and provides the body
with energy. However, this energy is quick to fade and does more damage than
good to the human body especially for children. Therefore, children should not
be allowed to buy sugary drinks.


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