Water but with plastic bags and Chemical

Water and soil pollutionIn this document// Report I will be talking about water and soil pollution. So many places in Wisconsin aren’t actually thinking about soil and water pollution. You may think pollution is something you do that will ONLY harm the water or soil. According to https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-effects-of-throwing-garbage-anywhere pollution is throwing stuff out the window, not getting rid of waste correctly, or not getting rid of garbage correctly. When you do this yours and other people’s actions will harm yourself and other animals?The world is about 70% water so with that being said it is one of our main resources, but with plastic bags and Chemical waste our bodies of water have turned in to pools of poison.If you pollute way too much it will cause growing conditions for the plants around the polluted area, it will also cause acid rain, acid rain contains sulfuric and nitric acid which can damage bark, tree leaves, and hurt fine root hairs of many plants. The plants need these fine hairs to be able to absorb water. Acid rain can be a result of mixing compounds including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides with other chemicals and oxygen in the atmosphere.Water pollution can change photosynthesis in aquatic plants. According to https://www.hunker.com/12305798/how-does-pollution-affect-photosynthesisphotosynthesis is the process of where plants use sunlight. Sunlight is then converted into energy, so the energy can later be used to produce glucose or sugar by converting carbon dioxide into carbohydrates.   Like I said before we are all actually polluting if we don’t get rid of our waste correctly. Human sewage contains germs that can cause lots of diseases including hepatitis, polio, cholera, and others. Some forms of water pollution can be very obvious including oil and gas.  When we abuse lakes, rivers, ponds, and others we are actually harming the whole ecosystem, it could also disrupt the balance in nature. The balance of nature is super important in our lives if we disrupt it we could exterminate the human race. When we get rid of things we have to be very careful the way that we do it. You shouldn’t think of only yourself think of all those animals that are dying because of the way we get rid of things, one more step could save an innocent animal’s life. The thing that hurts me the most is hearing that an animal could have died because of my family. If I caused an animal to die because of being lazy about walking a few more steps and doing stuff the right way I would feel terrible. When you think about animals just remember to take those few extra steps to save their life. Don’t take the easy way out we need to think about how bad something could get hurt.When you pollute the soil you can also exterminate wildlife. The chemicals in the polluted land can be taken in by plants and when any other animals eat the producer the animal that consumes the plant can be harmed. If an animal eats a polluted plant it could have severe health issues it could also die if it consumes too much. The importance of animal, plant, and human safety is very large without animals we probably wouldn’t be here right now. According to help-save-nature.com Due to soil pollution, we could lose around 25 billion layers of topsoil each year.Some effects of soil pollution include:Effects of health:  The land that we polluted on can cause skin cancer and effect the human respiratory system. Impact on the Environment: When deforestation happens  it could harm the rain cycle and our air which is connected the the rain cycle. A lack of trees and green plants can cause global warming, the green effect, flash floods, and irregular rainfall. Some effects of water pollution include:


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