Unquestionabely,Human upon words combined through grammar rules to

beings have the ability to communicate with each other ;they can exchange  their inner 
status ,knowledge , beliefs, opinions, wishes, , declarations,  ,and so on .There is no doubt that humans can
make use of plenty of means to come to interact with each other in order to
express their inner status or share   certain feelings or thoughts ;for instance :
gestures, nods, , acting, miming, dancing , laughter ,and so on. However ,all
These non linguistic systems are extremely limited and they even depend on
another linguistic meduim that is language . the latter is, foremost ,the most
potent, favorable and permanent means and form of communication. language
is,indisputabely, an exclusively human property and it is our ability to
communicate through words that distinguishs us from animals .in fact ,language Is
so  complex  and variegated that  almost no other non-human species possess an
identical   system of communication .this is accurately
affirmed in Sapir ,s(1921)saying :”Language is a purely human and
non-instinctive method of communicating ideas, emotions and desires by
means of a system of voluntarily produced symbols”. (p. 7) 
to define language  ,we can say that language is a system of
communication based upon words combined through   grammar rules  to construct  a number of  sentences. Chomsky (1957)has been influential
in his perception  of language :
”Language is a set (finite or infinite) of sentences, each finite in length,
is constructed out of a finite set of elements” (p.13) . Chomsky meant to transmit
the following : that each sentence is of a  structure.due to the  competency and proficiency of the Human brain
, different sentences are to be generated  from out of the limited set of sounds/symbols
that belong to a certain language. Human brain is productive  enough  that  a child is able at any instant of time to  poduce a numberless set  of sentences never spoken before or heard

can also be referred to as a system of symbols which are selected for its
selected sounds .. The English sound /p/ for example has the symbol
/p/ for it. These symbols make up the alphabet of the language and join in
different combinations to form meaningful words..Robins (1985) states : . ”
Language is a symbol system based on pure or arbitrary conventions..infinitely
extendable and modifiable according to the changing needs and conditions of the
speakers ”(p14.)
The total number of languages is estimated to
varry between three thousand and eight thousand but , since linguists sometimes
disagree about what distinct languages and what dialects are ,It is difficult
to give a more accurate and presise number .natural languges ,actually ,are
either spoken or written . Spoken language, sometimes called oral language, is
a language produced by articulate sounds in its spontaneous form, contrary to
written language. In fact,all natural languages are spoken, but the majority of
them have no written form to  this day. .
written language, on the other hand, is the representation of a spoken or
gestural language by means of a writing system . In spoken language, it is the
context that actually determines much of the meaning which contrasts with
written language, where more of the meaning is given directly by the text.

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