UCLA throughout the world past and present,

professor Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to
Succeed or Fail” discusses a series of events that have led to the
demise or prevalence of a number of societies. Diamond does this by
providing a “Five Point Framework” in which these particular
societies have succeeded or failed. This Five point framework
includes: Environmental damage, Hostile neighbors, climate change,
the loss of trading partners and finally the societies ability to
adapt and respond to their detrimental environmental problems. Now,
Diamond discusses a number of societies throughout the world past and
present, however this paper will be covering specifically the Norse
settlement of Greenland who unfortunately met all five of the points
in the framework laid out by Jared Diamond. Also, this paper will try
to work out a few solutions the Norse could have used and we as a
society may also use in order to prevent a future collapse.
is said that Erik the Red was banished for manslaughter in Iceland to
only find Greenland to make his own and start forming settlements all
over, it is from this in which the Norse settlements came to be. Just
like in their native land, Iceland, the Norse caused destruction to
their environment. This claim was made by Professor Diamond is based
on the analysis of the dust. This erosion is thought to have been
caused the inhumane cutting of trees, turf cutting, and agriculture.
Now, this is pointing directly to not just one of Diamonds “Five
Points” but two, which is environmental damage that caused the
inevitable climate change. The naivety or be it negligence of the
farming practices and agriculture by The Norse had already set
themselves off to a bad start and would have most likely been the end
to their people, but sadly this was just the beginning of their
failure as a society.

aside The Norse of Greenland’s own mishaps, they also encountered as
Jared Diamond would say “Hostile neighbors” which makes that the
another one of the five point framework, being the third point for
the Norsemen. The Inuit people be the “hostile neighbors” were
also inhabiting Greenland, thus creating divisional riffs in food and
climate resources which cause yet another discourse for the Norse
civilization. As the Inuit were adapting to the little ice age The
Norse society was not, “After 1250, a cooling climate posed
multiple threats to a marine-oriented society reliant on seal and
Also contributing to the decline of the Norse was their inability to
create a sufficient amount of iron causing mass loses in their iron
supply. This of course cause the Norse to forfeit their military
advantage over the Inuit and if this wasn’t enough the Norse also
encountered the Dorset people to officially cement the near end. When
it came down to surviving and adapting to the extreme weather
conditions the Inuit had established a decided edge over the Norse,
as well as the Dorset people, thus being the so called “last nail
in the coffin”.

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