Triston found that THC, the active ingredient in



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ENG 1213

would rather be in a room full of high people than a room full of drunk people.
Many people are against the idea of marijuana being legal for recreational
purpose, but there are many states to come to realize it is not as bad as
people have thought. There are many reasons marijuana should be legal for
recreational use and that is okay or even yet better than what we allow people
in the United States to put in their own bodies.

are many benefits to the human body from smoking marijuana. One benefit is that
marijuana has the ability to stop cancer by turning off genes. In 2007, a
research at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco said that CBD
could prevent cancer from getting worse. The American Association for Cancer
Research found that marijuana works to slow down tumor growth in brain, lungs,
and breast. A study led by Kin Janda in 2006 at Scripps Research Institute
found that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana slows the progression of
Alzheimer’s disease by blocking the enzymes in the brain. Marijuana has also been
proved to help people with arthrodesis to ease the pain and discomfort they
have to go through in their everyday lives researchers found that cannabis
reduces pain and inflammation to help sleep, and discomfort. It also saves many
people’s lives by helping to control epileptic seizures. It helps eases the
pain of multiple sclerosis by stopping the negative neurological effects and
muscle spasms which was published a study from the Canadian Medical
Association. Marijuana helps tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease, and
improves sleep for the patients. Cannabis can cure Crohn’s disease, which is an
inflammation to the bowel that causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss,
and more. A study in Israel showed that smoking marijuana reduced symptoms in
ten out of eleven patients, and caused a complete cancellation disease in five
of the patients. In 2010, Harvard University suggested that marijuana reduced
anxiety, which would help improve the smoker’s mood and act as a sedative in
low doses. It could also save many more lives because a study in 2012 published
in Journal of the American Medical Association showed that marijuana improved
lung functions, and increased lung capacity. Which would reduce the amount of
tobacco smokers and reduce the amount of people having heart disease. Many
people having to go through chemotherapy have to go through severe pain, and
nausea. One of the most uses of marijuana is for people going through
chemotherapy because it helps people not suffer through the pain, and even
helps the loss of appetite. Marijuana also helps the people who have served our
country from suffering from PTSD. This drug is only looked at as bad and never
should be used, but this drug has a large amount of benefits that help people
and potentially save people.

impact of marijuana can not only be from benefiting people’s lives, but it can
also impact the economy. In 2015, Colorado collected more than 135 million in
taxes and fee on medical and recreational marijuana. Which shows that the
states could also benefit off of the legalization because it could increase the
money and disperse the money throughout the state to help make the state
better. It also will increase the income and jobs around the states by putting
up dispensaries and nurseries.

 Many people believe that marijuana is bad for
the body and should never be smoked let alone legal. But once said by one of
the Presidents of the United States that he does not think that marijuana is
more dangerous than alcohol. Which if someone was to compare marijuana and
alcohol people would be surprised that some of the most dangerous things are
actually legal. Even though both alcohol and pot smoking can put a toll on the
body, alcohol seems to be more dangerous by being linked to 88,000 deaths per
year. Drinking too much alcohol can quickly kill a person and create the problem
where is shuts down the areas necessary for survival. Compared to marijuana
people cannot fatally overdose on pot like they can to alcohol. In the long run
for drinkers to continue to drink could cause many health problems compared to
marijuana to where the smokers will limit to a joint a week or a couple. The
main reason for the comparison of alcohol and marijuana is that people are okay
will something that does more harm and ruins more people’s lives than marijuana
does to people. 

marijuana needs to stop being categorized as a bad thing, or a gateway drug.
There have been many researches proving that marijuana can help people and save
their lives and it is time for people to realize that. The United States needs
to see that we are already allowing people the access to things that kill us,
make us addicted, and ruin people’s lives. So why can’t people realize that the
one thing that they won’t legalize is something that could do more good than


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