Today, once the relationship “breaks down”. There

Today, I will be talking about separation and divorce and the what makes them different from one another according to the law. It is crucial for married couples to comprehend the difference between a divorce and being separated due to the fact legally they have different meanings. Separation may occur when a spouse has the desire to live independently and apart from the other person. This does not entirely mean that the spouse have to be in different living arrangements. However, It’s possible but not easy, for both spouses to live independent and apart under the in the same house.  In order to determine if or when a couple begins living separate and apart from one another, certain factors are taken into account, including, whether they share a bedroom, meals and chores, sexual relations, and or they socialize as a couple. When a couple wishes to be separated it’s not something that needs to be applied to the courts for, it is what happens once the relationship “breaks down”. There mainly possible issues surrounding a couple going following through with a separation that may need to be taken care of straightaway.  These issues may include financial support and dividing the assets.  If there are children involved, a parenting schedule for each caregiver, how serious life choices regarding the children will be dealt with, and how the children will be financially sustained. The issues regarding separation, are resolved either by the parties agree on some roles and signing terms of a Separation Agreement, by way of a judge making a court order or by way of an arbitrator making an award. Separation Agreements, court orders, or arbitration awards explain how every issue has been settled and how any future disagreements will be dealt with. Divorce, in relation to separation, normally can’t be settled immediately. Unless there are issues involving cruelty or adultery, the couple must wait a minimum of one year from the date that they split up until they can apply for a Divorce.  Even once the one year has gone by, if there are children, the courts will most likely not permit a Divorce unless they are confident the children are being properly cared for, with the use of a parenting schedule for each parent and financially by child support. Once the thirty-one days after a judge signs a Divorce Order had passed, the spouses are officially divorced.  This indicates that the two former spouses are no longer married to one another and they can now apply for a Divorce Certificate which acts as physical proof of the Divorce and allows either person to remarry if they wish. In contrast to separation, which applies to all wedded or precedent-based law couples whose relationship has separated; only married couples can acquire a Divorce.


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