Today Archiving the email will allow it to

Today more than 34% of the people in the nation use email. That sums of about 2.5 billion people. According to the researchers, the number can increase up to 2.8 in the next few years. Yes, email’s popular. At times your mailbox is piled up with hundreds of emails that fill up your account. Those emails are a jumble of advertisements, promotions, spam emails, notifications from your social networking site and some are of significant nature either it is a bank notice or any other personal mail. You may lose the track of important emails very easily.

It is crucial to keep those emails in a safe and secure position so that it doesn’t get tangled while overlooking. Luckily, Yahoo has eradicated this menace by allowing the option of “Archive” and “Star”.

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To get more information regarding the yahoo mails or if there are any questions that pop-up your mind then goes to Yahoo Customer Support for ready solutions.

Archiving the email will allow it to be in a different folder and will be tucked away safely from the main inbox. You can get access to them anytime by going into the “archive” section in the Notification panel located on the left-hand side panel.

How to archive messages?

1.        Click on to the checkbox at the left of the email you want to be archived.

2.        Tap on “Archive” icon situated on the top.

3.        You can select multiple emails by clicking on the checkbox.

4.        A notification will appear which will indicate that your task is done. You can undo it by tapping on the same notification where the word ‘undo’ is written.


At some point starring the message is important because you want the message to be highlighted without removing it from your inbox. It is easy to get access to them by the yellow color marked star even if you have tons of emails in your box.


How to star messages?


1.        Click on the checkbox located on the left-hand side of the mail you want to be marked as important. You can even click on multiple check-boxes.

2.        Go to the “more” option situated on the top menu bar.

3.        From the drop-down menu, click on the “star” option.


The second way is even easier. Find the important mail that has to be saved and there will be a star located on it (right next to a magnifying glass and a trash). Click on it and your mails would be starred.

Call on Yahoo Helpline Number if you found any error in the process.


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