To to come after them anymore. If

To me, it’s pretty hard to imagine that someone would be
willing to inject themselves with a virus that can lead to death. In this podcast,
people were talking about a Cuban punk group who would have long hair wearing
black clothes and boots, earrings, everything that reflected people being punk
rockers in America and European countries during the 80’s. To Cuba, dressing
like punks in America was not tolerated but it didn’t stop this group. This
punk group is named “Los Frikis”, this group was created because of the persecution
and police harassment that was happening in Cuba. To escape of all of this,
they injected themselves with the H.I.V virus. They showed that by infecting
themselves with the virus as a form of protesting. They were basically breaking
the social norms, but it was pretty risky to do this in 1980’s Cuba, by breaking
the social norm they could get harassed, arrested then forced to do manual
labor, or even get rejected by their families. So, since these people were infected
with the H.I.V virus, they had to be relocated to state-run HIV sanitariums, these
places are establishments for the medical treatment of people who are recovering
one’s health and strength over a period of time after an illness or operation. In
the 80’s and 90’s in Cuba, there were major foods shortages except for the
sanitariums which had loads of food. With people finding out about what Los
Frikis is doing, more and more people started to join. These people realized
that if they injected themselves with this virus, they wouldn’t have any
problems from the police by living in the sanitariums. Later in the year 1989,
things got better for the Los Frikis though since they were living in the sanitariums
after the government handed control of the sanatariums to the public ministry of
health. With this action happening, the doctors allowed the Los Frikis to play or
sing whatever music they liked, or even dress however they wanted. After this,
the Cuban government didn’t try to come after them anymore. If I was living in
Cuba in the 1980’s, and I was in my 20’s. I would have thought that Los Frikis
is a group that took the quick “death sentence” without asking what would
happen to them if they were to inject themselves with this virus, because just listening
to the podcast they didn’t care about the consequences of the injections if it
meant not to get food and safety from the police.