To strength of the arm. In short,

To develop a system which enhance the ability of
stroked and paralyzed patient or more specified neurological and
musculoskeleted disease patient to carry out the daily routines. Exoskeleton
limbs therapy are classified into two types .They are End effectors and Exoskeleton
system. Depending upon the issues any one of the therapy are deployed. Generally
there are four motions are used in rehabilitation process which are
collectively called as semi –exoskeleton with fixed base, mobile exoskeleton,wirebased
and effector based. The forearm lifting
mechanism also another type of rehabilitation exercise whereby it can be done
by lifting the arm in the posture of flexion and extension of the elbow. This
can be performed by lifting range value of weights depending on the muscular
strength. The part of muscle with involve during the rehabilitation exercise
for the flexionis the biceps brachii muscle meanwhile for the extension of the
arm will be controlled using the triceps brachii muscle. However, by examining
the conceptual movement of the project’s prototype, the dominant muscular and
nervous part of the system requires the biceps brachii muscle as to perform the
flexion motion rather than the extension of the system will be aided by the
elastic mechanism. Rehabilitation exercise of arm have to be carried out to
determine the muscular position for two different motions of hand postures.
This will ease the detection and placement of the arm. In this process there
are two sensors which are used to enhance the detection and placement of the
arm namely EMG sensors and IMU sensor.The EMG sensors are used to detect the
strength of the forearm whereas IMU sensors are used to detect the position of
the forearm. These two sensors are placed in the good arm and the signal from
the good arm will be used to move the forearm which is attached to the
rehabilitation arm and these results are incorporated with the GUI (Graphical
User Interface) for monitoring the position and strength of the arm. In short, the system which had been implemented
has no major difference in term of the functionality as the only adaptability
of the design is it can be used clinically compare to any other mechanism.
Besides, the designation had been done in much low cost mechanism as per
compared to existing system.