To diseases. This passion was further fueled by

To Kevin Hall,As a passionate and highly trained molecular biologist, I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the Laboratory Scientist Intern position and kick start my career at Illumina, My interdisciplinary knowledge of biology, programming and business and my interaction with decision-makers in academia and the healthcare sector make me an ideal candidate.Growing up in a family, facing a chronic disease ignited my passion to decipher the complex underlying mechanisms governing such diseases. This passion was further fueled by my studies. Apart from acquiring in-depth knowledge, the intensive nature of my Master studies in an international setting enhanced my time management and communication skills. My 7- month master thesis, which resulted in a published article, required me to work under strict deadlines, keep detailed lab record and report to my supervisor on a daily basis. Engaging in a second master stemmed from my constant learning desire. During my dissertation, I delved into the statistical analysis of large datasets using R programming. At the same time, I passed with distinction two modules about pharmaceutical bioinformatics, reinforcing my programming skills. In order to acquire a rounded view of the global companies’ operations, I successfully completed courses within the business administration field which equipped me with a customer-centric approach. Working with visionary scientists combined with the prospects of career advancement are the distinct characteristics that make Illumina such an appealing employer. My journey, so far, armed me with all the qualities necessary to thrive in Illumina’s challenging environment and assist the team towards the understanding of genetics and health. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience in more detail at an interview. I reassure you that I will exceed your expectations and prove myself a valuable asset for Illumina. Yours sincerely