To other abilities such as intelligence, knowledge

To discover, evaluate and explore
new opportunities and new ideas, services, product called entrepreneurship.
(Shane and Venkataraman, 2000 ) The relationship between age and entrepreneurship
have been founded negative by our previous researchers and studies.(Lévesque and Minniti, 2006). However,
this process is still underlying and largely unknown, with age related
characteristics. Here we will contribute to this study by adopting a lifespan
perspective we will investigate the positive role of age over entrepreneurship
activities using the data from 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

 Lifespan perspective says ( Baltes 1987).  Both Gaining and losing in psychological characteristic
is development and it is lifelong process

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 As we know when people get older, some
abilities such as physical strength decline whereas other abilities such as
intelligence, knowledge and skills increase with passage of time. Moreover at
higher ages people usually accumulate higher human capital which compensate for
decreased physical abilities. As a individual indulge himself in business long
time he/she automatically get more new perceived opportunities and skills for
business expansion.

If individual’s believe
to have a skills its naturally would create a self efficacy which further
develop a belief of capable of performing some targets (gist 1987). Individual’s
assessment of owe sources create self efficacy (Aizen.1987; Gist and Mitchell,
1992). It also develops a belief’s to effectively goal-attainment. And these beliefs
further in turn create intentions and actions (Boyed and vozikis, 1994). And if
anyone believes having a abilities or some specific skills to attain a goal he/she
will act upon it (Bandura,

Focus is on business opportunity
identification  (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000)  For instance new younger person just started a
business has less opportunity than the person who already dealing the business
for long time as he has more intelligence, business relationship and links so
he has more perceived opportunities.
This focus is slightly different from the concept of ” focus on opportunity ”
in lifespan literature (Zacher
et al., 2010).

Importance of self
efficacy and perception of skills have been discussed before by previous
researcher for entrepreneurship intentions. (e.g Boyd and Vozikis 1994 and Chen et al., 1998 and
Zhao et al., 2005 and Wilson et al., 2007). Moreover If someone want to
be good entrepreneurship this desire is grounded in high self efficacy (Zhao et al, 2005)   

Research question

How the age positively
relate with entrepreneurship activities?


How the entrepreneurship activities increase the perceived opportunities
and perceived skills with age?

Definition of key concept

It is possible that
entrepreneurship activities increases the perceived opportunities for example
(once people engaged in entrepreneurship mindset the automatically and
constantly perceived new opportunities) second think perceived skills for
example (because of performance and handling the business for long time it
enhance and create the self efficacy perceptions). As with age
intelligences and leadership abilities increase according to the theories of
leadership development literature and lifespan psychology literature and


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