To began and still continues to invest

To be considered as a Global North country, a country must be socially and economically developed. Both Finland and Singapore are global north counties who have exceeded their focus on childhood education.


There are many ways Finland and Singapore have similar policy contexts when it comes to education. Both understand that it all starts on ensuring that each institute is filled with the most qualified teachers and an effective principal. In 1979, Finland began and still continues to invest in the preparation of teachers (). Since then, all potential teachers must at least ear a masters degree following up on their bachelors degree. That being said, Singapore focuses on great amount on the teachers as they emphasis to expand their knowledge and skills. The difference here is the fact that teachers have the ability to ‘test’ different components in the educational system such as being: a mentor, curriculum specialist, or principles therefore they develop ‘hands-on’ talent.

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While one of Finland’s main focus is having the desired support for teachers by strengthening their development towards teaching, Singapore aims to strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills ().


After the teachers, the next step is the students, and making sure they strive through the educational process. Singapore starts their more competitive learning system at a very young age of three. In Finland the children start a more collaborative learning system at the age of seven—there is no competition here, such as; exams, tests, or homework until they are done their six years of school and are in their teens. As many can see, Finland emphasizes on the importance of fairness and equality among their students.

When compared, both countries have quite different but also similar educational policies. Children learn in many different ways. The overall goal in an educational system shouldn’t only be to produce the “top” students through pressure in a competitive environment like in Singapore. Finland can also learn from Singapore’s educational system in the way that the school starting age is too old, and there needs to be a focus on curriculum requirements, also the expansion and continuation of education of the teachers. 


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