To The words ‘house’ and ‘home’ are mistaken

discover what makes somewhere your home, you should answer this question first,
“What is a home?”  The vast population
link the term ‘home’ to a physical residence that you usually occupy.  To me the meaning of this term isn’t that
straightforward, because it’s more to this than a place of shelter you go to
sleep or occupy for a couple of hours.  The
words ‘house’ and ‘home’ are mistaken very frequently.  Everyone can have a house, but to have access
to a home is a beautiful thing.  For a
person growing up that occupies many households, out of the many places he stays
at, home is where family and countless memories are.  Home has a very broad definition, but this
essay gives the finest definition of the word ‘home’. How do you answer the question,
what makes somewhere your home?  I
believe home is really a physical place that you occupy but most importantly is
where your heart lies.

great Elvis Presley quoted in a song of his,” I don’t need a mansion on a hill
that overlooks the sea, anywhere you’re with me is home” (Presley, 1961).  Coming from a very wealthy man shows that no
amount of money can give you the comfort of a home other than to be with the
ones you care about. This also illustrates that home is really where your heart
lies.  To a number of persons their
childhood memory is connected to home.  This
happens because you develop good and bad memories at home that will never be forgotten,
and stays with you for a lifetime.  Therefore
the illustration of home you have in your mind is the connected to all the
great memories you had.  In the
settlement where I spent a significant amount of my lifetime will always be
considered my home because of all of the awesome memories that was experienced
with friends, family members, and the community itself.  To me home doesn’t have to be anything
touchable, it basically is a feeling.  As
stated before home is where your heart lies, so if it lies halfway across the
world then so does your home.  My belief is
that home is a feeling because you can carry it wherever you go.  For instance if you’re in a foreign country and
don’t speak the native language you can still feel at home if your surround by
family and friends.  Anywhere my family
and I go, it’s always a feeling of being at home because they’re where my heart
lies.  Family is be the cornerstone of a
great home.

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can also be where your family is.  It’s a
place for people who care about each other. 
It’s a place full of love and support.  It’s a place where individuals are free of
judgement and are comfortable.  A great
home starts off with a great family. 
Home to me, is where I go for all my support when everyone else gives up
on me and doesn’t care, it’s also the only place where I can sit back
comfortable with no care whatsoever, it’s also where the people I love and care
about is.  You can be the wealthiest man
in the world but if you don’t have anyone to share it with, it means nothing.  A home can never prosper if you don’t have
anyone to care for or care about you. The joy of having a family to spend life
with is unbelievable.  Nothing is worth
more in life than a supportive family.  You
get to enjoy family dinners, the joy of socializing at the dinner table, and
everything that’s comes with it.

considered a home comes with many aspects which persons mistake for the entire
definition the the term ‘home’.  The physical
aspects are the ones well known to us. 
Homes vary in size, rooms, furniture etc.  All these aspects may be qualities the term ‘house’
mentioned before. Previously said a house isn’t a broad enough explanation for
a home.  Home are places your children
will want to host sleep overs for friends. They’re as well used for parties and
a number of social events.  To me having
a home is also associated to a family pet. 
Pets are great because it encourages child responsibility and love.  Personally my favorite aspect of a home is the
Sunday feasts.  It’s either between the foods
or the social gathering that amuses me.  Altogether
having all these aspects are stepping stones to developing a great home.

makes somewhere your home?  After
discussing what is considered a home, anywhere that reflects the qualities.  Your home basically is somewhere you love to
be surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones. “Anywhere you’re with me is
home” (Presley, 1961).  Growing up I realized
that a building that you occupy doesn’t determine your home.  To me what makes somewhere my home is where
beloved ones are, and a place you can comfortably be yourself without fear of
judgement.  Home is where you are
accepted, but lastly and most importantly is where your heart is. 


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