» 14» Timezone: EST» Do you have

» IGN (In Game Name): Potur» Age: 14» Timezone: EST» Do you have telegram?: Yes, I do» Do you have teamspeak?: Yes, I do» Do you have a good mic?: Yes, I do» How many hours will you be online a day? (weekdays): I’d say I could put around 40 hours a week intoDeltaPvP. Here is my basic schedule that would work for my average week:Monday: 4:00PM – 8:00PMTuesday: 4 PM – 9 PMWednesday: 5:00PM – 7:00PMThursday: 5:00PM – 10:00PMFriday: 4:00PM – 11:00PMSaturday: 12:00AM – 10:00PMSunday: 1:00PM – 7:00PM» Are you staff on any other servers currently?: No, I am not» Why should we pick you as a staff member?: You should choose me over others because of my amount of patience, maturity, professionalism, and knowledge in screen sharing.Patience:When it comes to time, I have all the time in the world. Time is one of those things I like to waste, so I can wait as long as needed for someone to do something, and I don’t get frustrated easily. I don’t usually get frustrated unless the player is trying to waste my time, and won’t comprehend even if I ask politely, just to annoy me.Maturity:I am thought to be mature by many people. I don’t joke about things like suicide, ddosing, doxing, and other things along the lines of that. I don’t ban, kick, mute, or warn ints or in-game for no reason, or for fun with my friends. I do my job as staff seriously and take staffing seriously.Professionalism:As I said, I take my staffing job seriously and don’t joke around with people about punishments. I use proper grammar in chat, and hardly ever use slang in chat. I respect players in the game, and when I’m screen sharing people I don’t just randomly see a random file and be like “Oh you’re banned that’s a client” and then ban them for a joke. I help the players in the game as well as I can when I get the chance to.Respectable:I treat the players in this community with the most respect that I can when it comes to certain situations. I have a decent reputation in the community, and I’d like to keep the reputation, plus I overall just don’t like to be rude to people, even if I have a disliking for the person. I overall just try to do my best at respecting people no matter who they are.Recording:I record with a recording software called OBS. I have recorded videos and posted them on YouTube, and I was surprised by the renders I had made for myself, they were 1080p60 renders. Now, you might be wondering “What does this have to do with being a staff member onDeltaPvP,” well, this means that I can record my bans clearly, and basically record what I need to record as far as punishments, and screenshares go, if I need to record finding something in a screen share, or to prove that I screenshared someone. This could also help in a situation when a banned player comes into Teamspeak and I needed to provide proof on why I banned the player.Screensharing:This is a skill that I feel that all staff members should have. I personally use the following screenshare tools; Process Hacker, Search Everything, and Bucky Roberts. Screensharing is one of my core skills on this game, and I have become very skillful over the years of staffing on servers, and no, I’m not perfect at it, but I am better than the average player at screen sharing. Screen sharing was “my game” you could say, and if someone was cheating and I needed to screen share them, I would most likely find the client. In the past, I’ve found players using Vape, Cracked Vape (Bape), and Phantom.Forums / TeamspeakThese are two platforms that I am the most active on. I’ve included these two in one section due to my lack of space left to write on this application. Anyways, I can be on the forums daily helping, and be in Teamspeak moving people also. These platforms would be where I put most of my time into helping players that need help with reports, appeals, rating applications, and helping players killed unfairly.» Do you have any previous staff experience? (If yes, on what servers and what ranks):_______________________________________________________________________________________RailHQ (30+ Average Player count)_______________________________________________________________________________________RailHQ was one of those standard HCF servers. It had keys, kits, and an okay player count daily. The server had suffered from DDoss attacks every now and then, and the host was pretty horrible in my opinion. The server had too many bugs, so the owner, LeakTime, had gone to a last resort and made the server kit map temporarily. Once the kit map had started, there were weekly staff purges, and I was always taken out every staff purge for no reason. I had constantly reapplied, and was given staff back. LeakTime had apologized for taking my rank every time, and just gave me my Mod+ rank back whenever I applied. As I went up in the staff ladder, I started to see the “Behind the scenes” of the server and noticed the server was a leaked, pre-made server, and I talked with LeakTime about it. After talking with the development team about the core, I was constantly being DDosed by what I had thought to be the staff team themselves. One day, I had gotten tired of this and decided to blacklist the people I knew were DDosing me, and resign._______________________________________________________________________________________ArbixHCF (80+ Average Player Count)_______________________________________________________________________________________Arbix is a server that a friend and I had been working on. We had started off small, with learning how to do things such as configure ban screens, freeze messages, scoreboards, and then learning how to use PermissionsEx. The server was going pretty well whenever it started to go down hill. My friend running the server, Unscheduled, had factory reset his PC, and he had lost all of the files from the server. He started to develop the server about a week later once more, and I was his “test dummy” I guess you can say. Whenever he made a plugin, or changed something in the anti cheat, I was the one who tested it. After we lost our server progress, I had mainly become a beta tester and a builder. I had built the HCF spawn, and some arenas for our practice server in my spare time. The day came whenever we had decided to open the server. The hub, and practice were ready, but we didn’t have an HCF world ready, so we only had the practice up. Overall, arbix was just a learning experience for me and taught me how to be more patient with people._______________________________________________________________________________________Vuxtel (10-20 Players)Vuxtel was basically just a dev server that I was staff on to help friends set up their server, but I ended up being an actual staff member on the server. There wasn’t much to say about the server because I was staff for about 2 days before my resignation. My reason for the resignation was the fact that the main owner, Shotin, had given everyone that helped him owner, and half the people he gave owner to grabbed my ip and ddosed me, which is the same reason I resigned on RailHQ. Overall, Vuxtel was unprofessional and the staff team ranged from 9-13-year-olds, and I was the oldest staff member on the team, and I am only 14. Here is proof of me being staff on Vuxtelhttps://gyazo.com/acf48606983d06c3107e1c4b95a58b38» Have you ever been punished on our network?: No, I have not» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?: A lot of helpfulness and Respect» Additional information: IF THIS APPLICATION GETS DENIED I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ?


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