Throughout my High School and college years, I

Throughout my time at school and college-undergraduate and graduate
level, mathematics has been the subject whose lessons I have relished. Studying
the subject at university level had served only to increase my enjoyment of it,
owing to the great depths to which it can be explored and the satisfaction that
solving a difficult problem can give. Some of my most enjoyable lessons have
been the ones where I have been allowed to simply open a textbook and work
independently through some enjoyable problems. What I find most fascinating
about Mathematics is the application of logic and analysis it allows, as well
as the intellectual stimulation it provides.


I consider Mathematics to be as rewarding as it is captivating.
I find with Mathematics that the harder and more challenging it gets, the more
I seem to enjoy it, which is one of the reasons I am so keen to study it at PhD
level. Other reasons for embarking on a Mathematics degree include my hope that
it will show me new ways to apply Mathematical thinking whilst satiating my
Mathematical appetite. Although I am fascinated with every area of Mathematics,
I have fondness for Computer Science; this is because it is a discipline that
allows for extensive interpretation of data, forecasting outcomes, as well as
acute mathematical modelling. I am also excited by the application to real life
situations it allows. Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Applications, Algorithms
Analysis & Complexity, Probability are few of my favorite topics.

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I come from a lower middle-class
family in rural India, where basic amenities like electricity and schools are
scarce. In a village with a single high school and no consistent teaching
staff, I have come a long way only due to strong determination to pursue my
dream of becoming a mathematics lecturer. My performance in academia and
co-curricular activities has been consistently good. I have been a top ranker
at both bachelors and masters level.


During my High School and college years, I gave private tuition
to underprivileged students from my neighborhood. That made me realize how much
I wanted to become a mathematics teacher. I have Bachelor of Science degree
from Miranda House, University of Delhi, India in majors- Mathematics, Computer
Science and Physics. During college, my mathematics teacher of “Group Theory”
used to be so impressed with my performance that I was given the responsibility
of helping the juniors as well as other students of my class by addressing
their queries about the subject, this only made my desire to teach mathematics as
a profession stronger. Because of my outstanding academic track record and
distinct performance in Mathematics, University of Delhi awarded me with the
“Kasturi Memorial Prize” (Award Criteria: Highest marks in Mathematics at the
end of III year) on completion of my undergraduate degree program.


At undergraduate level, I also
got the basic learnings of Computer Science. During my last year in B.Sc.
program, I was selected by Wipro Technologies for a position of Software
Engineer. After completion of the program, I started working for Wipro Technologies
to overcome financial challenges in my family. However, this put off my plans
to pursue Mathematics temporarily.

I was part of work integrated
learning program in Wipro Technologies. While pursuing MS from one of the most
prestigious graduate schools in India- Birla Institute of Technology and
Science, Pilani, I got the opportunity to study the entire spectrum of computer
science along with Mathematics and at the same time, implement those concepts
in software projects. I got to work in an environment that was intensely
competitive, and where working on real time projects went together with
theoretical learning, thus laying a sound foundation for advanced research
based study.

I have over 4.5 years of work
experience with Wipro Technologies as Senior Project Engineer and 2 years of
work experience with JP Morgan & Chase as Quality Assurance Analyst.


It is my personal choice to pick the USA as the country I wish
to study in. I believe USA universities will provide me with the solid
mathematical foundation required for me to pursue further studies in future and
propel me towards my dream career of becoming a mathematician and a university
lecturer. Besides, I am keen to learn from a different education system as well
as meet up with people from all over the world. I am confident that Illinois
Institute of Technology will provide me a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a
world-class education.


Overall, I feel that I am a hard-working and self-motivated
student, and I look forward to harnessing this to further improve my
understanding of Mathematics. I am looking forward to all the academic
challenges at university, and know that I will make the most of my university
life to pursue Mathematics in the greatest depth possible as my passion for the
Mathematics is absolute.













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