Throughout weight and feel a lot healthier.

Throughout the journey of
doing all these CAS activities, I was struck by how much change I had
undergone. Learning to do all these new things, and sometimes continuing with
things that I had already done before opened up my eyes to the possibilities in
where my talent could lie. CAS allowed me to both improve the skills I would
need for the IBDP, explore other interests and gave me time to relax and
balance my school work.

Going back to attend
workshops and classes on art and creative writing after a long time gave me the
freedom to express myself and reconnect with activities that I had stopped
prioritising. The exercises I learnt helped me slowly get back into the groove
and pick up my interests. I had always felt that these were less important than
school work but CAS showed me that I could certainly balance both, and in fact
they help balance each other. I was able to help out with art in Vivum and my
writing for English class improved by miles after all the practice I got. I
even took it further by starting my own personal blog where I share short
stories that I have started writing and share my photography and art work.
Reconnecting with art though the workshops and painting a mural took me some
time to get back in the groove but it was a worthwhile struggle.

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The most important thing
that CAS taught me was that these activities helped me re-centre my life and
destress after a particularly hard day. I get very stressed when handling
school work so these gave me a productive yet calming break. However, the
biggest impact on me was the change in my personal fitness. I never considered
myself a sports person and always used excuses to get out of physical activity
but this time I buckled down and experienced how exercise changed me
positively. I have now developed a regular routine of going to the gym and
working out in a group and practicing yoga with my mother on the weekends. I
have also been encouraged to spend more time outdoors tending the organic
garden I started and actually managed to lose a lot of weight and feel a lot

I had worked with
children before in many of the activities I had done, and being the oldest
child in my family I had practice taking care of all my younger cousins.
However, doing CAS was a completely different perspective on that. Working with
children on the organic garden showed me my love for teaching and explaining
the changes in our world to children. I feel like this is very beneficial for
them as they begin to understand both natural phenomena and the changes undergoing
our world. I feel like I learnt a lot from just being around them and let go of
my inhibitions. They looked up to me and I learnt to take responsibility

 I always prefer to do activities individually
and focus on my own work but the experience with CAS has shown me the value in
team work and seeing the benefits of being a part of larger group. I found
myself at various different positions, one of a leader when doing a mural at a
school and leading a group of children to start an organic garden, and one of
being part of an organization that had global outreach, with the Being I
foundation and contributing to Vivum. The whole experience of CAS has given me
a different perspective on how to balance and schedule my life.


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