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Through the duration of my studies, I have taken a great interest in the arts, both visual and performance. Though I have always thoroughly enjoyed learning the traditional and digital art skills taught at GCSE and A Level, my true passion lies in the pre and post-production artistic processes of the films and games industries including all aspects of both visual effects and animation, especially in the high fantasy and sci-fi genres.I feel that this course would be essential for developing the necessary skills and knowledge required for such industries in order to pursue my desired career in this field. The completion of A levels in both Fine Art and Graphic Communication has given me a thorough understanding of both traditional and digital art techniques and processes, which is currently being further fueled by my studies on the Foundation Course in Art and Design at Gower College with the inclusion of film and photography. I am also due to partake in a week long work placement at Lincoln Studio in London, in which I hope to gain a greater understanding of current software packages and the production pipeline as a whole. However, despite all of this there is still much I need to learn about 3D software packages. Studying at a higher level coupled with my own basic knowledge of such software will allow me to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary to prosper in my studies.I consider myself eligible to be accepted onto this course as I am hardworking and able to consistently produce work to a high standard. This is evident in the fact that the final outcome from my second year of my A Level Graphic Communication course was chosen to be used to advertise the A level excellence art exhibit in the Swansea Grand Theatre. Additionally, I was selected to represent Gorseinon College at the end of year excellence art exhibition. Another important quality is that I am very patient and easily able to become immersed in the pieces I am creating for hours at a time, which I think is extremely important in being able to produce strong pieces and meet deadlines. This is shown in my portfolio through techniques such as pointillism. I also love to learn new artistic processes and produce personal work, both traditional and digital, when I find time away from my coursework. This further exemplifies the drive and enjoyment I feel towards the subject. Alongside my studies, as well as spending a lot of time producing personal 2D traditional and digital artwork, some of which is commissioned work for small bands and local people, I have begun learning how to use 3D software packages such as Autodesk Maya, zBrush, and Houdini. I have also played guitar for 9 years and plan to take my grade 8 in February of next year. In addition to guitar, I also play numerous other instruments including piano and drums. I have performed live with bands in a variety of venues and volunteered to play guitar in two stage productions. Additionally, I have attended karate classes for approximately 11 years wherein I have achieved a brown/black belt. From these interests, I would conclude that I am an extremely dedicated and ambitious learner, able to work well both independently and with others.


I'm Isaac!

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