Through interpreting other people’s psychology and behaviour we

Through interpreting other people’s psychology and behaviour
we get to have a more developed understanding of the way people act and why
they act that way. There are significant positive impacts on the public
services such as increased financial profit or a greater staff morale, which
would in turn assist with public services organisations, groups within the
public services and members of the public including members of the public

Jobs in the public services can cause a lot of stress for the
people who carry them out. These jobs include uniformed jobs such as fire
fighters or members of the police service or people in non-uniformed roles like
teachers or university lecturers. The stress that they have may stem from:

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Potentially having to deal with an aggressive person
or group of peopleReceiving less wages than certain jobs that are in the
private sectorThe risk of being abused, both physically and mentallyThe pressure to take on more hours even if they are effected
by budget cuts and therefore have less resources

If an organisation gains a stronger understanding of behaviour
management techniques it can be a way for that organisation to decrees and
prevent the implications that stress can have on their workplace. Employers
have the opportunity to reduce stress if they do things like ensuring that
their employees do not have to work for excessive hours or providing services
for their employees should they feel too stressed such as a counselling service
or a gym as a method of stress relief. People would be able to carry out their
work more effectively if their stress was reduced, the people that they are
serving would definitely receive a higher quality service with reduced stress.
Also, teams would work more strongly together and the overall organisation
would benefit as they would lose less money from people being absent due to

If an organisation have a strong system of communication then
there will be a lower chance of issues arising that would cause a large amount
of damage which could have a ripple effect for the organisation. If there is a
strong communication system then the employees who work there will feel that
they are cared for which will provide them with the motivation that they need
in order to complete their work. This would be an obvious benefit for the
public service as they need to have strong communication between the various
small and large groups in order for them to do their job for the public. A team
within the public service would have a closer bond if they have stronger
communication because if they have a strong system of communication, then they
will be able to get their work done more efficiently and will make a lower
amount of mistakes. Each individual in the team will feel a stronger sense of
motivation if they communicate more effectively because they will want the team
to succeed if they work well together. The public will also be happier if they
do not have to wait as long for services.

The workplace environment can have a huge impact how
employees interact and how they carry out their jobs. This can mean either the
environment created by the people who work their or the actual physical
environment. For example, if a workplace is untidy or unclean then it may lower
the staff morale and increase the amount of people who are absent from work.

People who work in the public services face a sometimes
overwhelming amount of conflict compared to the conflict that someone in a
different position would face. They could potentially face conflict from
colleagues, bosses, members of the public, people in the media or the
government. If a team within the public services have a strong understanding of
behaviour management techniques then it will help their team to operate more
efficiently with less stress.

The leaders of groups within the public services need to be
confident and possess leadership qualities in order to be good leaders. These
skills can help good leaders to maintain their positions and bad leaders to
take the steps required to improve and help their team o face issues in a
better way.

Behaviour management techniques can be a way for bosses to
boost the self esteem of the people who work for them. This is a huge benefit
as the self esteem and self confidence of people who work in the public
services need to be high in order for them to carry out their very stressful
jobs efficiently. However, individual members of teams can boost their own self
esteem. An example of a method of boosting a team’s confidence is through award
ceremonies as people feel a sense of achievement.

The public services have a duty to provide for the entire
population of the UK, as well as  they
have to provide for over seas, perhaps through UN based military actions for
which they would be providing humanitarian aid for countries. This obviously
means that the public have to feel content with the service they are receiving
because if they aren’t, the government may have to make the decision to reform
or replace the public service in question. For this reason, behaviour
management and understanding techniques can e beneficial as they can prompt
public service workers to know how to act with the public or organisations.


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