This is exactly what the main character did

This story was about a boy who is the narrator that likes this girl who we know as Mangan’s sister. He is nervous around this girl and she knows nothing about his crush on her. He thought he would never have the courage to talk to her and he ended up having a conversation with her. She asked him if he plans on attending the fair thing called a bazaar. He said he was and asked if she was going to go and she said she couldn’t because of a religious retreat she is going on. So he said he was going to bring her back something from the fair and when he gets there he ends up not getting anything realizing it is pointless. The characters in this story seemed different from the ones in the past stories. The narrator seems very hopeful and young, pure, very innocent. The aunt was just sympathetic towards the boy. The uncle seemed very self-centered and like you can’t rely on him for anything even something as simple as bringing home money for the boy to go to the fair on time. And Mangan’s sister was just a crush of the narrator. The theme of this story was the loss of  innocence and purity from the young boy. He was so hopeful in his love for the girl that he ended up crushing over and when he got to that fair standing at the booth overhearing the other boys talking to the girl he seemed to have an epiphany of some sort thinking that this was pointless because even if he did end up getting her a present from the fair it will not win her love in any sort of way. It is just feeding his hope that she will like him back even though there is a low chance of that happening. This story reminded me of the k-drama “Dream Knight”, the main character In-hyeong has one of her knights crushing on her, JB, and she is too oblivious to figure that out because she ends up going out with the bad knight, Jinyoung, at least he seems to be a bad knight. And JB ended up giving up after she stood him up and forgot about their “date” to see this dancer. Which is exactly what the main character did he stopped and didn’t even continue with getting the gift for the sister of his friend because he figured it was pointless.


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