This in this scenario no one see how

poem explains about the death of a man. In the diagram it says that A is the
tenth floor of steel and glass, therefore the man is working in a building on
the tenth floor room. And the B represents the ground of the building. I think
that the equations here represent how the man fall to his death and the use of
formulas to illustrate, including Berger’s formula to scientifically explain or
express the impact.

poem says that he was on the noon shift forging the dream to a reality fine
mean could slumber in, or whores, in antechamber, touch the bone. It says that the
man fell at sleep and dreamed about the whore in his workplace. None noticed
the leap; what they saw was the red imprint, in this scenario no one see how
the man do the suicide that lead his death, they just saw the blood of the man.
It says that the first people who see the man dead quickly called the ambulance
and lately many people just saw the blood that the man left behind.  Carried him to the point beyond the dictum
Hic primus geometros-for a body physical, a Mass, emits energy equal to zero,
stay Necessary to arrive at a base, It says that this sentence represent that
his body is quickly brought his body to the hospital, his body energy is equal
to zero energy saying that he is dead on arriving in the hospital. He was, a
day ago, threatened with dismissal for displeasing a superior, I think this
sentence says that before the man done the suicide her boss threatened him for
dismissal because he didn’t satisfy to his work because of his some mistake
that says in the first paragraph , so I think that’s the reason why he died. I
think the cause of death is suicide because of this threat, You
can easily conclude that it was with sadness and sorrow. he thinks that if he
will be fired he can’t easily find a job and he will disappoint his family , I
think that he was depressed and the thing that only in his mind is the threat
of his/her boss, so that time he think that his problem will end if he end his
life too. But in some point there are so many possibilities that could man
causes his death because no one sees the actual event, there is no evidence to
prove why he died. Reality, having various dimensions as interpreted by
different academic and social constructs, has darken an emotional understanding
of a man’s decision to end his life.

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man falls to his death represent how media, science, mass communication and
language illustrate and explains life and death for that matter. It is a sad
fact that whenever we hear news on things such as these, the most respected
people are the one who is powerful even if they have a sin they will be respect
and remembered.