This mother and the infection will be present

infection takes its start in the antrum, which is the lower part of one’s
stomach. The infection is always present alongside inflammation. Based on how
severe the inflammation is the disease it can cause. Most of the time the bacteria
is asymptomatic, although, in some cases, which is around ten to fifteen
percent, people suffer from peptic ulcer disease. It may result in
complications like perforation and bleeding that can be severe. The inflammation
results in acid production being increased from the stomach’s upper part, which
remains not affected by the infection. Some cases of the infection may affect
the corpus or the upper part of the stomach, and it can lead to more severe inflammation
and or stomach cancer. Although this type of cancer has decreased in the number
of occurrences, it is a deathly cancer. The inflammation can also lead to MALT
lymphoma, which is a lymphatic neoplasm. The genetic variations in people affects
their ability to suffer from the bacteria. Using antibiotics too often or on
healthy carriers can lead to the patients developing resistance towards the medications.
In such case, it is better that the treatment should be more carefully assigned
to patients who don’t suffer from gastric or duodenal ulcer disease as it can
lead to problems.

Both Marshall
and Warren, concluded that usually peptic ulcer disease is caused by stress and
lifestyle. Heliobacter pylori is responsible for about 80% of patients having
gastric ulcers while it is responsible for about 90% or more of patients having
duodenal ulcers. The bacteria are of spiral shape and it inhabits about half of
the human population. It is more common to be present in the poorer, developing
countries than in settled countries with standards. It is most likely
transmitted from the mother and the infection will be present in the stomach
for the person’s whole life.

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Due to
the Laureates Warren and Marshall, we now know that gastritis and peptic ulcer
disease occurs in the human body because of a bacterium. It is named Heliobacter
pylori. Gastritis is when an inflammation occurs inside the stomach. A pathologist
born in 1937 and by the name of Robin Warren analyzed bacteria that happened to
be small and curved all over the stomach, specifically the organ’s lower part,
in around half of the people from which he took biopsies from to study. His discovery
was very important as he saw that inflammation always occurred around the
gastric mucosa approximately around where he spotted the bacteria previously mentioned.
After Warren won over a clinical member with his discoveries, he joined forces with
him. The member was Barry Marshall. Together, they both decided to further
their knowledge on the topic and began to study over biopsies, to be exact they
used a hundred patients. They failed various times until they finally reached
the conclusion that almost all the patients suffering from inflammation in the
gastric, gastric or duodenal ulcer had the bacteria in their system. They believed
that such bacteria were behind the diseases’ aetiology. Although, consuming
gastric acid can cure peptic ulcers, the person may experience relapse due to the
inflammation remained in the stomach. In order to be fully cured, the bacteria
had to be fully removed from the stomach. Today, it can be cure with antibiotics
and the use of acid secretion inhibitors.


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