This brilliant way. So in that case,

ad is fantastic and works well because of its clever play on art direction,
illustration, techniques and idea wise which also ties into their product. It
gets straight to the point with an interesting and impressive illustration,
which grabs the attention of a viewer. The idea of this ad is to show the
consumer the whole exact scenario about how and what we feel and go through
when sore throat and infections occur.

idea is then executed by having imaginable battlefield to demonstrate the sore
throat in brilliant way. So in that case, this ad gets the message even
stronger in a graphic way by having smokes, haze, fights, and deaths or to say
a complete war is to show audience’s feeling, irritation and all the
suffocation we will be facing during sore throat. This simplistic image gives
off just enough to tell the consumer what the deal is with their product. This
is a very clever ad on many levels. An advertisement for sore throat could not
get any better than this.

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the other hand if we look from image wise, this ad delivers a simple, strong,
and clever visual occasionally means that there is no real need for copy. This
piece’s composition simply allows the audience to first look at the picture and
then down toward the product even that is on a flag, allowing that to speak for
itself. Viewers usually give more attention to pictures than words.

is plus point to this ad obviously since the image do most of the work of
persuasion here; picture owned this ad completely and it does not have words
than its brand name and caption. In the midst of having many advertisements
that has its product name on repeatedly and in larger fonts as the center point,
this ad takes a different approach but the idea still hits hard in a very
interesting way.

that point, the product name is on a flag as portraying people in the
battlefield is holding it to show their team is still fighting with the quote
tells us all we need to know, “Fight your sore throat”. Great idea with simple
execution makes for a quick ad that gets a message across with ease.

there is always a reason why are the authors wanted to use a big picture. This
ad is very abstract in a way that direct product consumption is slightly shown.
In fact it is shown in an indirect way. Thus it only projects the big picture in
a metaphorical sense. Visual elements are arranged in a perfect way to evoke
audiences’ feelings.

effect of this ad especially color wise is at its best. This is because the
idea and picture in this ad is a shot of battlefield. So they have given
exactly the battling mood to audience by choosing right colors like brown, white,
gray, black, yellow, blue, green like literally portions of all the colors,
because different colors evoke different feeling.

could not say it is colorful when it is having all the colors in it, but at the
same time we could not deny that it is a creative touch by using all colors in
fade type and slightly of an old-fashioned to give the battling effects. This
is where we have to realize that the picture in this ad capable of crafting
audiences’ attention whereby the picture itself is not so colorful and bright.
How is this possible?

this is where the audience has to know the smart touch of the authors’. The
image size and the position of the product’s name are blending together nicely
and can immediately catch the audiences’ eye.  


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