This Although the concepts of supplier evaluation

This chapter contains a brief introduction for the topic of this thesis. A brief company overview and background is provided to present the supplier selection and evaluation process, Eaton industry within current business environment and the case company. The description of the problem paragraph is followed by research questions and Thesis structure and methodology. In today’s competitive business environment, many companies have realized that why selection of supplier is important to supply their products and services with desired quality and in a scheduled time. With the coming of Supply Chain Management (SCM), selecting and evaluating the best supplier can be considered as a best strategy for manufacturers to achieve supply chain surplus. Although the concepts of supplier evaluation and selection have been discussed by many researchers only a very few attempts have been made to propose specific supplier selection frameworks for automotive industries. While managers know about the importance of evaluating suppliers from different perspectives, this is less happening in the real world. This is partially due to the availability and complexity of many measures for the aim of supplier evaluation, which make the process of selecting measures very complicated and time consuming. It introduces a new idea for the integration of specific measures used for the process of supplier selection in automotive industries when there are so many performance measures which may make the decision makers confused. From the hypothetical and methodological point of view, to the best of our knowledge, this study also contributes to offer a new approach for automotive manufacturers to select their suppliers based on the specific measures since very few researches have been conducted before. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 is a review of recent works on supplier evaluation and selection. Section 5 shows the supplier performance measurement and section 6 concerns the supplier selection process.


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