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There are various treatments used for Crohn’s disease which involve drug therapy, lifestyle changes and in some cases, surgery. A range of medicines may be used, including corticosteroids; these are type of anti-inflammatory medicines that help relieve pain and reduce diarrhoea and bleeding caused by inflammation. They may be used for a short-term basis and are usually used by doctors if patients do not respond to other drugs. In addition, immunosuppressants may be used to suppress the body’s response to antigens. They may be used alone or with a combination of other drugs. These drugs reduce inflammation like corticosteroids, however, they target the immune system instead which results in forming the substance that caused the inflammation in the first place.These drugs also reduce inflammation, but they target your immune system, which produces the substances that cause inflammation. For some people, a combination of these drugs works better than one drug alone. In some cases, opioids may be used for controlling pain and diarrhoea. A patient with Crohn’s disease may also have to undergo lifestyle changes. For example, a patient may not be able to complete regular daily activities. Patients with the disease may undergo nutrition therapy where they may recommended a special nutrition diet. Surgery may be required if the pain persists or the condition worsens, for example, if fistulas develop, the body starts hemorrhaging violently or intestinal problems occur. A procedure called an ileostomy may be recommended which involves disconnecting the ileum and diverting digestive waste away from the area that is inflamed in the intestine so that it can heal. A hole is made in the abdomen where a bag is attached to collect digestive waste. A second surgery would be required for the bag removal and re-attaching the ileum.However, surgery does not guarantee the disease will be cured. Surgeries may have temporary benefits and the patient may start to experience symptoms again. The disease itself could recur. For this reason, it would be advised to have surgery with medication.


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