There many problems. These problems can be divided



There is no
doubt that technology plays a crucial role in developing societies, because the
countries depend in all areas of life on it. Countries in the whole world
compete for the development of the highest technological devices, which can
maintain the highest efficiency and accuracy of the work. From the 90s the
people started to work every day with technology. The application of technology
rises further dramatically. This overuse led to too many negative results. There
are many negative effects of health problems up to social problems and even


One of the
negative sides of the quick application of technology in societies is the
health problem. There is no doubt that the technology becomes better and
spreads in the whole world. This has led to the fact that the societies work
almost every day, what leads to many problems. These problems can be divided
primarily into two main categories, mental problems and physical health
problems. The first one is the problem of the physical health. There are many
physical health problems, which are caused by the contact with technology. A
critical weakness is the seeing. The people who ordinarily work like
programmers with computer suffer from blurred view and ocular pains. According
to a study from “” the people who ordinarily use computer for
long time have serious problems like ocular pains and blurred seeing. This is
clearly to be seen, because the eyes must concentrate constantly upon the
display, which emits dangerous rays that in turn influence the eyes critically.
That otherwise arrange the eyes to lose tears and they become blurred. In the
long term it results pain in the eyes. In addition, technology can cause for
some psychic problems. Some people who spend hours with televisions and
computers without interoperating with people are discouraged and receive an
independent behavior what leads to the fact that they are afraid to speak with
people. This leads to the fact that they suffer from a mental disease called
anxiety. Unfortunately, parents nowadays expose their children to a technology
without considering the cruel effects of such an act. Causing their children to
suffer from mental illnesses. Big numbers of children were diagnosed with
di-polar disorder, anxiety, and depression, resulting in enormous amounts of
psychotropic drugs. This can be seen clearly, because the parents do not
consider that technology isolates the child from the world outside the
Internet, so that they get insanities. Pediatricians also say that obesity is
heavily increasing with young age. Although one traditional focus is on the
amount and type of food kids eat. “Elle Paula” from “” says that
obesity is on the rise, not just because of food, but because we exercise less
and use more technology. Involving cars, television, computers and mobile
devices, the time we spend on sedentary activities increased and our time for
physical activity decreased.

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To sum up,
it can be said that technology has two-edged effects, which are mental and
physical problems.


The second
negative effect of the overuse of technology on the society is the loss of
privacy and security. As the world experiences many advances in technology, it
also faces privacy and security issues that can release personal information
into the world. First, privacy issues. Privacy issues are considered one of the
critical issues. Privacy issues involve tracking locations and spying on
information. It is very easy for professionals to track and spy on any
electronic device connected to a network by simply tracking the IP location
with programs and then establishing a connection, resulting in accessing the
user’s data. For example, some advertising pages can trace the location,
observe what users do and see what the users like and may not, while they carry
out a survey about which products are more preferential, while some countries
ordinarily spy out other countries to preserve its internal security and to spy
out extremely important information. Like the US National Security Agency
tapped phone calls involving German chancellor Angela Merkel and her closest
advisers for years and spied on the staff of her predecessors, according to “WikiLeaks”
in 2015. This is to be seen
clearly, because the west has more advanced instruments, which can trace and
spy out everybody in the world with high accuracy. Beside privacy problems security
problems can influence everybody in the world negatively. It is about the theft
of information. One knows that information is saved by users of a web site in
the cloud memory of the web site. Experts strive for this cloud memory. If it
is not saved well, all user’s information are threatened including ID and
passwords. If, for example, a professional hacker logs in to a bank database,
he would do to the users and the bank a fatal harm and get away, besides,
almost without a trace. “Computer predators” Mentioned that hackers, while
computers are connected with the Internet, send malware to search for financial
information and transmit it to themselves. This can be seen clear, because many
hackers have used this malware to hack into bank systems in the west. Also an
improper contact with technology can put out a child to numerous risks. The
children who use technology can exchange unwittingly information, which they
can endanger. In 82 percent of the online sexual crimes against children used
sexual delinquent social networks to receive information about the preferences
of the victim. And the anonymity of the technology can make it also easier to
harass other online. One quarter of the teenagers indicates that they became
either by SMS or in the Internet bullied. “sexting” is another risky behavior
with which 24 percent of the youngsters have taken part between 14 and 17 years
in a sort of nude “sexting”.

Wrapping up,
the technology dramatically influences the privacy and security. Especially
kids and teenagers, who can be easily tricked from those with more sinister


The third
negative effect of the overuse of technology on societies is the social
problem. In the course of these years the technology not only in business
divisions and operating ranges, but also in numerous other ranges became more
and more advanced. One of these important fields which earn huge profits is the
games field, which was modified many times to make the games more realistic and
to have resemblances to the real life. Games are so realistic that killing and
other revolting scenes are included in games. The serious effects of games can
be divided in two main categories, namely temperament variations and missing
social abilities. First, by killing and blood scenes in the games the
aggression spread among all teenagers. According to Alamy the youngsters who
ordinarily play crude games become extremely aggressively. This can be seen
clearly because watching such scenes, makes the teenagers or children more
likely to attack people or do critical harm to friends in schools or in the
neighborhood. Beside the aggression the lack of social abilities is another
sequence of the overuse of the technology. To work the whole day, on computers,
could isolate the person and make him or her anxious or even depressive. It is
clear that the technology has accelerated the communication by the easy way of
contacting with only one touch of a button. But, indeed, it is responsible for
the quick loss of the relations. Nowadays some people can have an engagement
and they really sit side by side, but in reality they have no contact.
According to Howarth (2014) social competence decreases from children
dramatically, because they spend long time with the interaction with
technology. This is clear, because the more the child hangs on the technology,
the less its social abilities will be. The technology influences the
socializing of children.


technology was made to serve the world, but the people used them at intensive
levels what led to serious problems, which were health problems, privacy
problems and social problems. Health problems are looked as critical problems,
which influence the mental and physical health of the user. Furthermore, the
privacy is affected by spying and stealing information of the users. In
addition, socializing is influenced by quick change of the mood and missing
social abilities. The people should spend less time on the Internet so it does
not harm them and communicate more with each other.